Sinestro #8 Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Martin Cocollo

As we sit firmly in the endgame of what is beginning to feel like an over long crossover event in “Godhead,” this was probably one of the best issues of Sinestro in a while. Primarily, because we got to see two things from Sinestro that have been lacking of late: Sinestro physically doing something as opposed to talking about it and going lone wolf badass compared to always speaking to an uninterested audience. As Sinestro has his own plans and designs that may or may not run parallel to the plans of the other ring bearers, it was nice to see him being a weapon and playing less chess where other people are on the board, in this conflict. While I understand the plotting and manipulation of Sinestro as big selling point for his individual book, there could actually be more balance on him making good on all the threats he issues and I’m happy to see it on display here. Sinestro is ruthless and as he would say, we should never forget that.

Cocollo steps in for Eaglesham on the art this issue and there isn’t much drop off. With the more straightforward storytelling compared to the accompaniment of Lyssa and her dramatics, Cocollo might even be suited more for this specific issue, even if I prefer Eaglesham’s portrayal a little bit more.

Sinestro #8 not only adds a quality installment to Godhead overall, but a good individual issue to the Sinestro book as well. Seeing Sinestro in the field more does wonders for the movement of this book and helps remind us why we loved Sinestro in the first place.

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