Spider-Man #12 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Sara Pichelli / Marvel Comics

Things are as bad as they done ever been for the 616 man of spiders, Miles Morales. We joining up with Miles Morales after the end of Civil War II (thank god) and on the tail end of a call from his mother about not knowing where his father is. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself, we actually start off this issue with Miles and Spider-Gwen playing Texas hold’em with the tongues on one another. Miles is recounting this story to Fabio and Ganke and how it correlates with his missing father. In case you haven’t guessed it yet this is going to be a very dialogue heavy issue but this is what Bendis excels at.

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Maria Hill steps onto the scene to tell Miles about what happened to her father, well, what she thinks happened to her father and it involves a mission to get some tech that allows a person to move between dimensions. Hill gives Miles the run down of how this situation came to be and how she is to blame and needing Jefferson to clean up her mess and now Miles as well. I enjoy Maria Hill’s dialogue because, in the face of all this weight on her shoulders, she has a fucking great sense of humor about everything. Hill isn’t coddling of Miles or talking down to him, she talks t him as if he’s an adult and gives him that real. Bendis, of course, has Miles eager to go forward and find his father no matter the cost. Miles then enters Spider-Gwen’s world and he realizes just how difficult the task of getting onto his father’s trail is going to be.

Pichelli is great on the artwork here, she does a distinct job in separating the 616 New York against the Spider-Gwen New York with different lights and illuminations. I was more of a fan of the scene she set with the talking taking place between Maria Hill and Miles high on a rooftop in NYC. The shock and awe of why Jefferson chooses to get back into S.H.I.E.L.D and what this is going to mean for them moving forward. Another enjoyable segment is the back to back (like the cover of Lethal Weapon) conversations happening with Miles telling the story to his roommates from when he held the conversation with Maria Hill.

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I was wondering how Spider-Gwen was going to fit into things and the fact that the dimension-hopping angle is the key element in here is a surprise I didn’t see coming. I’m wondering if Miles is going to remember who Spider-Gwen is from their previous crossover about a year or two go or if this is to be their very first encounter. Either way, we’ll be finding out how things escalated next issue.

8.0 Sex Ed classes out of 10

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  • justdash83

    Miles might not remember her given all the shit that went down during Secret Wars, but Gwen should remember him. Hell she frequently gets visits from Spider Woman. Huh…come to think of it, Miles should remember her too. He remembers the dimensional watches.

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