Writer:ELLIOT KALAN / Artist:R.B. Silva / Marvel

Peter Parker teaching mutants, what could go wrong? Everything. However, that’s what makes this book a fun read as you are seeing Parker bumbling through trying to honor a task that was given to him by post-mortem Wolverine. Spider-Man still isn’t any closer to finding the mole on his team although Kalan keeps giving us hints of who it could be then following with misdirection continuously. In this issue we see more of the teachers interacting with Parker at the school with Storm coming down on him (he does admit to her why he is there finally) as well as Rachel talking to Storm about why she doesn’t trust Spider-Man in their presence. The highlight is Beast challenging Parker’s class to a science off which is a fun point.


Parker’s choice in team captains seems odd but having Rockslide and Shark Girl in those positions shows that they actually flourish. Glob gets advice from Rockslide on how to stop being such a mess up so to speak. We’re now seeing Glob wanting to change and be more than just a person that’s there which is important. Remember this is a guy that basically willingly flunked out under Wolverine’s care when he was in his class. We’re seeing a second chance for him under Spider-Man’s tutelage.

We’re now seeing him want to change and gain Spider-Man’s approval. Which leads him to confessing that No-Girl was in his office although she claims someone was in there prior. This all comes to a head when Rachel Summers attacks Parker’s memories (against Storm’s wishes) at the science fair and No Girl is the one defending him on the psychic plane.

no girl

Parker sees this going on and basically interrogates No Girl trying to get a confession out of her that she is the mole but that gets put on hold as the science fair / science off has produced a new threat that they have to deal with at the time. I love the art in this Silva does a good job capturing everyone’s personality individually as well as Parker’s nuances and mild mannered mannerisms. My main concern with this issue is why Rachel and Storm are coming down so hard on Spider-Man. Storm has worked with him on multiple occasions prior and knows how he is. So her lack of patience with him is kind of surprising especially knowing how patient Storm usually is. Rachel on the other hand doesn’t know Parker that well but she immediately lumps him in with the worst kind of folk trying to do mutant kind harm.

I feel it’s a bit out of character but then again this could be Kalan showing the reader how on edge mutants are now, that even friends and pretty trust worthy heroes aren’t exempt from scrutiny in mutant affairs because enemies are literally everywhere now. I can rock with that. Regardless, the book is heating up and balancing their comedic and serious approach fairly well thus far. My biggest love is how Parker is slowly but surely getting through to the kids and in this issue that becomes even more apparent.


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  • Shaka Jamal (@FaceOfYo)

    You’ve convinced me to pick up the trade when it drops. 🙂

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