Spider-Men II #2 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Sarah Pichelli / Marvel

After the revelation from the first issue, where there is definitely some bad alternate dimension Miles or something, the Spider-Men were left to deal with Taskmaster. And yo, this fight is never an easy one, anytime dude shows up. What stands out first to me is that Pichelli can craft a hell of a fight scene. The action that jumpstarts this book is pretty top notch as Taskmaster gives the once bitten dudes all they can handle and then some. But it’s also just dope to see how their powers are displayed on the page, with the uniqueness both Peter and Miles carry.

The story ain’t bad either as the personalities are on full display with Peter trying to play mentor while admittedly being jealous of Miles for his powers and suit. There was, thankfully, the self-awareness as well that Peter keeps calling Miles a kid when he himself is only three years older. Their dynamic is fun, but unfortunately, if you are like me and have digested just about everything featuring Miles before, then we’ve seen this before. Not just with Spider-Men I, but with other stories where “a” Peter Parker of sorts has interacted with Miles and it kind of always is this relationship. It never evolves to the point of partners and each new time the cross, it’s in a different story line or dimension, so it’s like starting over again.


As for other parts of the narrative, the inclusion and “powered up” version of Taskmaster is a lot of fun, though it doesn’t reveal too much of the mysterious Miles Morales from another dimension outside of showing his face. Speaking of showing face…I don’t know what it is but I’m starting to come over to Omar’s side about this: Miles has to be the most unmasked while in uniform (that includes a mask for secret identity) hero in just about ever. It really does seem that he takes his mask off in public in just about every issue. This isn’t new by any stretch, but now it just feels weird, especially as it always leads someone in the story to identify him.

My issues aside, issue #2 is still a good one, though it doesn’t advance the plot too much. The action looks great, the jokes are all there and it still has potential moving forward.

7.8 What Else Could Possibly Be Rigged Traps out of 10

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