‘Spotless’: The Next Netflix Gem Worth Watching (Thank Us Later)

You don’t know how lucky you are, do you? Probably not. You’re about to get put on the kind of game you’d usually only get after handing that otherwise quiet uncle of yours a bottle of whiskey.

Occasionally, people share the idea that they’re nothing to watch on Netflix. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What they actually mean is that there’s so much to watch that they’re drowning in the possibilities and can’t make a choice. Congratulations, I’m about to make that a lot easier for you. I’m about to introduce you to one of the best hidden gems on all of Netflix: Spotless.

Spotless is the kind of show you recommend to a friend just so you can hit them with that Muhammad Ali “I told ya!!” Spotless is the kind of show you “randomly” put on when you’re chilling with bae so you can stick around a little while longer. Spotless is the show you introduce to your brother, sister, mother, homie/lover/friend, WHATEVER. Hell, even your pastor if they’re open-minded enough.

Okay, let me stop singing the show’s praises for a moment so you can find out what the hell it is.

Do you know why so many dramas are set in hospitals? Because the environment lends itself to constantly high stakes with low risks; half the story-telling work is already done. That’s some incredibly forward thinking. While it doesn’t take place in a hospital, Spotless leans on the same kind of genius premise that can do a lot of the heavy lifting needed to establish a new show.

The main character in Spotless is Jean Bastière (Marc-André Grondin), an ordinary family man who goes to work every morning like everyone else. The major twist comes when you learn what he does for work, though. Jean has one of those jobs you don’t realize undoubtedly has to exist until you find out someone actually does it.

Spotless 2

Jean cleans up crime scenes. Often murder scenes, always bloody. It becomes clear from the very beginning that death is going to make regular appearances in this series. But before you think it’s just another Dexter, we meet the other main character of the series: Jean’s brother, Martin Bastière (Denis Ménochet). It’s clear that they Jean and Martin have an estranged relationship from the start. On the surface, they’re polar opposites. One’s the shirt-and-tie-on-a-Saturday type and the other is a sarcastic slacker who gives off the impression that he’s spent the night in his fair share of pubs on a Tuesday. Things get even more complicated when Martin reveals that he’s in town because he’s got a dead body in the car. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s thousands of dollars worth of drugs in it that he understandably needs out of it.

Along with the two brothers, the series also features the ever-complicated Bastière family members, somewhat-sympathetic mob bosses, and occasional acts of necrophilia. Yes, you read that right. You’ll just have to see this for yourself for an explanation.

[Side note: Tanya Fear? BRUH. Like… I almost have no words. Come be a fan of hers along with me now before she gets too big for us little people on the Internet.]

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.42.56 PM

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of this incredible piece of television, the answer’s easy. In the United States – the show’s a British and French production, by the way – it was exclusively broadcast on the Esquire Network. Yes, that’s a channel. No, no one really watches it.

I may not have come across Spotless if I hadn’t been assigned to write some recaps for Uproxx when it was first airing stateside. Consider me sharing this knowledge an act of charity. [I’m definitely going to try to come tax season. Being a freelance writer is stressful, yall!]

Spotless brings together elements of suspense, dark comedy and drama unlike any other shows on the air right now. And you have the honor of seeing it all for yourself for the first time. I’m honestly a little jealous.

The best news is probably that Spotless has already been renewed for a second season. So don’t come at me all incorrect when you’re rocking back and forth in the corner of a dark room asking for more. It’s coming, people. I just… don’t know exactly when yet…


Go watch Spotless. You have no reason not to. I’m even giving you the direct Netflix link in this article to make it that much easier for you!


You’re welcome.


Keith Reid-Cleveland

BNP’s [Self-appointed] Netflix Expert

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  • Sloansgrl

    I do agree that spotless is a hidden gem! I absolutely loved it but here is the kicker… After I watched it I quickly looked up when the next season is to come out and that’s when I find out that apparently there isn’t anymore seasons to look forward to! I’m hoping by this article that I just might hear that they are indeed finally coming out with another season!!! But as far as I know at this moment you like me will watch this great show and be excited to watch more and be let down by hearing that no other seasons will b made!!!

    • A. Crater

      We felt same as u just expressed, it sounds like Netflix’s info which Keith Reid Cleveland, addresses is not accurate 😞

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