Star Wars #28 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Salvador Larroca / Marvel Comics

The great thing about that Jason Aaron really gets about world building in relation to writing Star Wars is that the whole point of comics is you can do whatever you want. Just write your story and let time and fandom sort out what becomes canon. Because let’s be honest… what does and doesn’t become canon is completely based on what the fans like and not what makes the most sense in a story. I mean, just look at 90% of Batman mythology.

Issue #28 continues a story from Obi Wan Kenobi’s journal where Yoda stumbles onto a society that subscribes to the dark and light philosophies of the Force on a basic, primal level. One of the truly brilliant aspects of Aaron’s story here is that it turns the legend of Yoda on its ear in a way. This is a character we’ve become accustomed to seeing as a wise old sage who knows everything being humbled by seeing the force in a form unlike anything else he’s ever seen, having to be taught something new. Aaron’s talent for taking what you know of a mythology and running it through a kaleidoscope served him well in this issue. Also, having Salvodor Larroca’s brilliant art on deck certainly helps the whole thing work. He’s definitely the strongest in the first few pages, really conveying a bleak sense of isolation. The mountain people look absolutely vicious and creepy so the suspense is definitely there at all times, too.

Star Wars #28 Panel

Bottom Line: Aaron is the master of taking characters we know and love and putting them in situations counter to their usual character to keep them interesting. This issue is absolutely a testament to that.

8 Do Or Do Nots out of 10

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