Supergirl Recap: Welcome to Earth

Season 2 / Episode 3 / CW

Welcome to Earth (try not hearing that in Will Smith’s voice)

B: Last week we had more quality time between cousins and Cadmus being the Cadmus assholes that we only love if Amanda Waller is involved. We said goodbye to Clark (and that super-donk) as well as Cat (and her super-snark). Both will be missed but Supergirl continues to flourish on The CW. Let’s see what treats this week brings us. Leggo!

J: This episode right here? This episode right the F here son?? Another fun one for the Supes fans out there. They hit us from all 4 corners on this one. Gave us some one on one battle action, they hit us with the DC equivalent to the Alien Registration Act, they slid some alien insider info into the DM and have officially decided that there’s gonna be a shirt off, pecs out quota this season..cuz CW.

We start off with the shirt off quota being filled immediately as Sleeping Beauty finally rises from his space travel slumber and immediately goes NFL failed concussion protocol on Supergirl’s neck. This dude tossed our girl through some glass like Shaq at a backboard breaking convention.

Then he sets his sights on an escape route and takes out a few guaranteed-to-get-got DEO agents, does an oh so typical *looks at his hands* realizes the type of power he has on this planet thing and jumps out a 10 story building and speeds off to be caught by not a damn person in the world. Alex had a clear shot too but she was too caught up in all the flesh and pecs overloading her senses.

B: Homie been doused in kryptonite and still got strength to choke folks out. We’re gifted with a female-gaze catering, oiled up shirtless escape (because that is what The CW does for us. Praise.). J’onn dishes out our daily dose of salt because now we ain’t got no kryptonite (Thanks, Superman) and it’s super awkward because the president’s coming (and it’s Lynda Carter, y’all! Lynda “OG Wonder Woman” Carter is playing the President of the United States!) to National City to sign the Alien Amnesty Act.

We get some exposition because Kara remains terrible at her new job and doesn’t know a) that the president is coming or b) why. Gurl, this is why you don’t get a chair at the office. SMH. J’onn expresses his hesitation with the AAA because he knows what life on Earth is like for people who look different, both as an alien and “as someone who’s worn the face of a Black man for 15 years.” Message. Alex might be a racist and Supergirl goes full Disney princess when they tell her she’s meeting the POTUS (Kara is me).

DEO: Hank (Imma call him Hank despite what his Martian momma named him, cuz I know the struggle of having to hide when you live in a place you’re not wanted) Kara and Alex are debriefing on the escaped Kryptonian when Hank drops the douchiest head of the DEO statement I’ve ever heard when he said “I sure picked the wrong time to get rid of all my Kryptonite.” I lost it!! It was also like the 1st line spoken after the logo intro. Anyway. The team is discussing the timing of his awakening as the president is visiting Nat. city to tour the DOE and sign the Alien Amnesty Act, allowing aliens to come out of the shadows and be granted with the full rights of American citizens. Supergirl is hyped as a 6 year old running home from school on October 31st, while Hank ain’t sippin Madame President’s Kool Aid no matter how red as Mars she makes that sugar water. Kara is like that 12 year old who finds out she gets to meet Taylor Swift or Beyonce for the first time when Hank tells her that she’s expected to welcome her Preziness when she touches down in National City. Her knees go weak.

Back at CatCo, James runs his first editorial meeting where Snapper Carr continues to be 1000000% asshole. James gets downgraded back to Jimmy when he lets Snapper sonny TF outta him. I expected better from you Ja…Jimmy. And it makes sense that the POTUS interview doesn’t go to a rookie reporter, get out yo’ fee-fees, Jimmy.

This Snapper Carr character is on some other sheiiiittttt. He may be the most aggressive, out of line, toe steppin on hater since Silky Johnson, Pit Bull and Buc Nasty went at each other for the Player Hater’s Ball crown. Yo Britney, I swear I was shouting “He just Jimmy’d you James, he Wheelchair Jimmy’d you!!” at the screen during this scene.

Air Force One Runway: Kara flies off to meet the president when somebody (with stormtrooper aim) starts burning mofos alive. Alex and the DEO team hit the crime scene but run into a little competition. Detective Maggie Sawyer of NCPD Science Division. Alex says GTFO, Maggie drops some knowledge and bounces, and DEO employees continue to be terrible at their jobs.

Supergirl has probably the most adorable moment any superhero show has ever had when she flies into the crowd and waits to welcome the president. She winds up next and speaking to a little girl holding a sign who is equally excited about getting her first in person look at the leader of the free world. Yeahhhh everything is all sunshine and rainbows until the president comes out of AF1 waving all beauty pageant queen float at a parade like, them gets a heat blast aimed at her face as all hell breaks loose and Supergirl has to go on a cape covering saving spree. Lives are saved but the attacker escapes and Supergirl rushes the Prez to the DEO for protection and a little tour.

President Marsdin visits DEO offices and reads J’onn on his hypocritical anti-alien bias. How you gon be rockin’ with “they’re all dangerous” when you’re a “they”, J’onn, you’re a “they”. President Marsdin mic-drops with, “It’s hope, J’onn. How can it be false?” Message. J’onn turns to Alex to reinforce his internalized racism and they enjoy a bigot buddies moment.

DJ Khaled started watching Supergirl this week because he heard “they” were being told they couldn’t get bottomless mimosas during brunch anymore. Khaled stands with all aliens.

Kara’s off to interview Lena Luthor who’s developing an at-home alien detector for the xenophobe in all of us. Kara, her white privilege shaken, wrecks the device with her heat vision and heads off to write her hot take. I don’t want Lena to be evil, y’all but she is at least a bigot. Yay? Meanwhile Winn, with nothing to do in this episode, locates the DEO’s missing alien in a warehouse because the budget only allows for four locations. Alex busts in with a team and a rocket launcher and runs into Detective Sawyer.

Here Alex go on her ill-advised solo missions again! She gets Winn, Mr. Cant Make Proper Joke to locate this dude in yet another damn abandoned warehouse. Really though? We just gonna continue with this villainous warehouse location for all the CW shows now? I digress, cuz Alex got the worst solo dolo luck in the world and gets there too late. All she does is find Detective Tries So Hard up in the spot stuntin on Alex cuz she got some insider info Alex aint up on yet.

We meet another unnamed Asian scientist who our John Doe (sadly now wearing a shirt) conscripts to get him home. Kara gets on Alex’s case for storming in without her because Kara at least knows how incompetent the rest of the DEO staff is. Det. Sawyer hits Alex with that hotline bling so… Kara writes a solid article girl but Snapper gotta asshole. He probably would’ve written fair and balanced Trump articles too. Kara gives Jimmy a pep-talk (I already miss Cat’s motivational reads…sigh) but we gotta wait to see if it works.

Alex meets up with Det. Sawyer at what seems to be an alien queer dive bar (I’m here for this!). Alex doubles down on her prejudice and tries to light the place up. Maggie’s alien ex drops off two beers with extra salt (tell ‘em why you mad, doe). Maggie tells Alex that she relates to aliens better than humans because she grew up as a queer woman of color in small town Nebraska (that shit sucks). Message. Alex keeps showing her true colors as the friend who can’t be racist because she’s had sex with a Black man. I know she’s running for bigot of the week right now but I ship Alex/Maggie. Back at DEO HQ, Kara’s trying to rewrite her article but everything’s different when she hears John Doe isn’t from Krypton, he’s from Daxum.

Yo, I cant lie, Maggie dropped some of the illest woke bars I ever heard while defending aliens.. and dating aliens, for that matter. Then tall and lanky Tom Green in the face ass alien comes over tryna spit game but gets turned down in the form of “She’s an alien racist that would love to shoot you right now”. Welp! The ladies head out, but not before bumping into a curious red head while exiting Alien Stonewall Inn.

Cue the foreshadowing! Cue the intrigue.

DEO: Winn gets the Felicity triangulation poppin and finds out that Sleeping Pod Beauty been beaming signals at Daxum and where he’s been hiding. Upon hearing the location, Kara rips open that work casual/club viable top and goes all Supergirl transformation on that ass as she heads out to put up a triple double beat down on the Daxumite before locking him up in DEO Sing Sing.

Apparently Daxum and Krypton been beefin’ foreva. How whole planets not getting along? We’ve got neighboring countries that don’t fucks with each other, forget us all warring with the whole ass planet Mars. Kara discovers her inner bigot and goes to interrogate John Doe. Homie is charming as hell but Kara’s not having it. He calls her on her bullshit but bigot gonna bigot. Kara meets up with Lena to talk about the re-written article. Lena’s excited to have a bigot buddy dish session and Kara’s down, kinda. You’re uncomfortable, Kara, but you ain’t saying shit. SMH.

Am I wrong for kinda getting down with Lena Luthor? I mean, sure she a bigot ass all hell but as far as Luthers go, she’s pretty dam civil. She was adopted, just like Kara and had to learn to live in a place she didn’t necessarily want to call home. She tried to being Lex back from the dark side when he beginning his operation of terror that him dubbed Earth’s most hated human? Earth’s #1 villain? Earth’s biggest alien hater?

Madam POTUS is ready to sign the Alien Amnesty Act as Supergirl, Alex, and Maggie keep watch. I don’t feel like that’s enough security but DEO gonna be negligently understaffed I guess. There’s still 15 minutes left in the episode so the Daxumite in lockup is absolutely not our baddie of the week. It’s the hot-tempered redhead (isn’t that a little on the nose, y’all?) Alex shouldered in the bar. POTUS gives a beautiful speech about the Statue of Liberty standing for aliens too before folks start getting burned alive again. Maggie tries to apprehend the suspect but gets kidnapped instead.

Prez up at the podium talkin alllll the patriotic shit! “Homie who tried to kill me is Akon locked up thanks to our “good” aliens. They will no longer be strangers on Earth. Full rights of American citizens!” She gets ready to sign the bill and flames come shooting at Madame Prez cuz Beta Phoenix on her Charizard flow throwin flames all over the place and kidnapping Maggie Ms. Try So Hard.

Kara realizes how her prejudice fucked everything up and J’onn and Alex just let her shoulder the blame. Alex doubles back to the bar to get info on the real suspect. Sudden bartender with all the info is suddenly Sharon Leal (and she’s gotta be important because you don’t bring her in for a nameless cameo).

Baddie of the Week has Maggie tied up in a (where else??) warehouse. We only shooting in offices and warehouses, huh? BotW brings up good points about amnesty being another word for registration. Supergirl takes on Firestarter while Alex saves the girl. They make the same mistake of throwing the bad guy NEAR THE GUN WHY DO YOU DO THIS?? The Maggie comes through with a pipe to the face. Can Maggie stay here always?

Winn locates Ms. Magmar and Supergirl flies out to hand deliver fade sessions to Jean Grey’s jealous little sister. Bad gal Scorcher is relishing in the fact that she gets to test our girls abilities, but gaaaaaallll you done fucked with the wrong one! Kara extinguished this pyro’s flame, audits her company’s books, allows Maggie to get some headshots in and teaches Winn how to speak Kryptonian all before spending the night on the suicide hotline. I like this Ms. Know It All Maggie child. Maybe one day she’ll get on Maggie from The Walking Dead’s level.

Back at CatCo Jimmy gets that respek back on his name by standing up to Snapper. Stay in your lane, Snapper! Stay in your lane! Welcome back, Ji…James.

Has James ever been more black than he was with that stay in your lane line?!?? I think not.

Alex flirts with Maggie in the med wing of the DEO and starts to learn her lesson. But Alex gets curved like shit! Sorry, boo, until you stop being a bigot you don’t get no Maggie. Kara realizes that she ain’t about that bigot life and goes to apologize to Mon-El from Daxum. She tells him that Daxum and everyone he ever knew and loved is dead now and we bounce because why stay when you drop a bomb like that??

I learned a new term thanks to these two little future lovebirds. “Meet cute” I don’t know how this translates into meaning they just set up their eventual relationship, but they just met. It was kinda cute. They gonna be feelin each other a few episodes from now. Maybe Ms. Maggie does know it all..

President Marsdin says farewell to the DEO and tells Supergirl if she was impressed by Air Force 1, she should see her other jet (WONDER WOMAN’S INVISIBLE JET, IS SHE WONDER WOMAN TOO??) Then we find out that Madam POTUS is an alien too (and sadly not Wonder Woman). J’onn hits up the alien queer dive bar in his true shape and we see his internalized self-hate. Bartender Sharon Leal triggers something in him and they take things out back when she reveals herself as M’gann M’orzz AKA Miss Martian. It’s LIT, y’all!

Oh we talkin non-appropriated, appropriate color spectrum representation??? Oh we talkin same race, same sex, mixed race, mixed sex, alien race unfrowned upon sexual orientation?? indeed, it is lit as fuckkkk. Take it away Britney.

So we got Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian (both played by Black actors, aye!), weekly lady-led ass whuppins (aye!), President Lynda “OG Superhero” Carter (Aye!), queer women of color with actual lines and personalities (Aye!!), hot Jimmy Olsen and Mor-El (Aye!!!), and the most adorable Supergirl ever? Y’all I’m all the way in, see you next week! *milly rocks into the sun*

Super Sightings


Mon-El could be an ally moving forward. Could be bae moving forward. Could turn heel and murk somebody out. Let’s keep an eye on Kryptonian Pod boy. [icon_check]

That Wonder Woman twirl to put out the flames tho?!? Paying homage to the 75th anniversary! [icon_check]

Supergirl has really been an all-inclusive area for people of all backgrounds and identities. [icon_check]

It’s a nice breath of fresh air in a world of superhero shows dominated by misogyny, chastisement and masculinity. You’re doing many superhero things right, CW. Keep up the good work.


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