Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Kevin Maguire / DC Comics

Lois + Clark = Relationship Goals. This month’s Superman doubles as an epilogue to the “Unity Squad” arc and a prologue to “The Truth”. The issue begins with Superman mitigating the galactic United Nations set up in the previous issues. The representatives of two alien fleets are about to go at it in a trading post dispute. My favorite line of the book is on this first page; “You listen to it . . . Because it’s Superman!!”. This begins the strength of this book. It understands that Superman is most interesting when he’s faced with a problem that won’t be solved with a punch.

Move Over, Scott and Emma

The bulk of this book confirms that Superman and Lois Lane have overtaken Cyclops and Emma Frost as my favorite comic couple. My limited experience with Superman stories have always relied on the romantic tension between Lois and Clark loving each other but not being together. DC Rebirth’s take with the two in a stable, healthy relationship makes my heart swell. Here, they unpack some of the insanity between Action Comics, Superman, Year of the Villain, and Event Leviathan. Bendis walks a fine line between emphasizing that Lois is Clark’s stabilizing north star but not stripping her of her individuality and personal ambition. Both of them are frustrated but neither allows that to prevent them from reminding each other what they mean to each other.

Wait . . . Can Superman See Souls?

The book rounds out with Superman foiling some overzealous, shadow-science people. This whole exchange is funny; both “HaHa-funny” and “Huh-funny”. Superman finds this secret base designed to stay hidden from his super-senses using information from another source. I always forget that dude is an award-winning journalist. When they see him outside their base, almost everyone freaks the hell out. Out of random ramblings of pants being pooped and souls being seen he shuts them down and gets his latest story. By the way, isn’t it unethical for him to write a story as Clark Kent and use himself as Superman as a source?

We end with Superman about to reveal “The Truth” to his cousin, Supergirl. I wouldn’t have known what it was except for stumbling across an article revealing it while setting this review up. I’m upset. Still, it was fantastic watching Zod and the House of El peacefully, if not tensely, interacting. And Supergirl’s trust in immediately accepting whatever ordeal her cousin is going to lay at her doorstep was heartwarming. Trying to find any criticism was a fruitless endeavor and I’m glad for it. No Notes!

10 “Respectful Chameleon Aliens” out of 10

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