The DC Cybernetic Summer Special: Review

Writers: Bechko, Hardman, Constant, Phillips, Corson, Williamson, Erickson, Orlando, Grayson, Bemis, Moore / Artists: Hardman, Scott, Del Luca, Koblish, La Fuente, Virella, Pelletier, Sauvage, Smallwood, Hamner / DC Comics

Whether it feels like it or not, it’s Summertime and DC has delivered us an 80-page anthology featuring 10 stories from across the DC Universe! The premise: some of our favorite heroes try their damndest to enjoy a nice, warm day. 

It’s pretty genius, honestly, and it’s an easy sell. You wanna see Booster Gold and Blue Beetle mess up the timestream… So they can get a tan? Look no further than this book. Harley Quinn trying to queue up on the world’s largest water slide? Yup, that’s in there, too. 

With the climate of the world right now, we can all use an escape and comics are a good way to engage in that. Even though some of us are still stuck at home with not much to do, keeping up with your weekly pull lists might seem like a daunting task. It takes so much more energy to do things these days. Even keeping up with your favorite books sounds like a lot of work. 

That’s why a comic like this works. It’s eighty pages and it features ten short stories. It’s the best form of the content we’re craving. Digestible. It allows us to get in and get out without much, or any, previous knowledge. We can live through our favorite heroes as they enjoy the crisp ocean water at the beach or a day at the pier when a conflict arises. It’s perfect for the pandemic and it’s perfect for Summer. 

There’s truly something in here for everyone. From the loaded creative teams to the wide variety of characters across all ten stories. I was surprised that it wasn’t oversaturated by the Trinity (aka, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman). Don’t get me wrong, they’re definitely in a few stories, but the balance between them and some other heroes that get far less shine was a welcomed decision.

It was dope to see lesser explored characters like the Metal Men, Red Tornado, Cyborg, Midnighter & Apollo, and Robot Man take center stage.

My favorite short featured Cyborg, Superman, Cyborg Superman (no relation), and a multiverse fusion of all three named Super Cyborg Cyborg Superman (close relation) as they throw hands on the beach. It’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds and twice as fun as you’d think. 

If you want some comics to distract you from the world burning while also giving you that sweet Summer content that we all desperately crave, the DC Cybernetic Summer Special is the book you’re gonna want to pick up.

9 Oiled Up Robots out of 10

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