The Flash Recap: Abra Kadabra

Season 3 / Episode 18 / The CW

The Flash gets magical in this week’s episode homies. David Blaine flow. We start off with a robbery at Stagg Industries. Two security guards roll up to check the situation and see our villain of the week, Abra Kadabra, trying to steal some high tech shit. They draw the hammers but with a snap of a finger, Abra Kadabra Outfit Disasta teleports himself into the glass container holding the tech, snatches up the goods, and swaps his body with the 2 guards. Oh you thought he was just gonna leave em there to contemplate life? Na fam. This evil Houdini we dealin with, so of course he fills the glass structure with water, drowning the poor souls just tryna make a living.

C.C. Jitters: Cecile and her man are having a nice cup of Joe (pun intended), congratulating Iris and Barry on their real engagement. You know Cecile grew up in the hood cuz she gettin all the singing, knee-droppin details outta Barry vanilla bean ass. She extorted a few Broadway actors and got 4 tickets to Hamilton as an engagement gift. Only problem is, tickets aren’t until April. Everyone except Cecile immediately transforms into an emo high school student, after realizing Iris will be dead by then. Barry clears up the gloomy air and gladly accepts her offer.

Stagg Industries: Our professional crime fighting syndicate JBJ (Joe, Barry, and Julian) is called down to check out the scene of the crime. It’s lookin like the basement of The Prestige. BODIES. They ask for the tapes, but they ain’t got none. Stagg on that covert science tip, keeping their secrets and technological advancements close to the vest. Mid CSI, another alert goes down. A robbery happening at another tech company.

Barry realizes this must be some suit up worthy type shit so he zips on down to catch this guy in the act of the crime. Kadabra blows Barry’s mind when he says he not only knows who Barry Allen is, but knows the true identity of Savitar. They start tossin the hands when Gypsy gets on her Nightcrawler game, vibing in to hit dude with a blast from the past. Sorry suckers, dude got skills and escapes. Gypsy is TIGHT.

S.T.A.R. Labs: Gyspy reveals the criminal’s name to be Abra Kadabra, a murderous time traveling breacher from the 64th century. She’s encountered him on Earth-19 and knows that his use of nanotechnology is so advanced everything he does is like magic…and it’s a whole fuckin lot. By the end of the episode, I’m wondering, the fuck can’t this dude do? Cisco, being the star-crossed lover that he is, tries to rekindle that flame he and Gypsy lit briefly, but it winds up being a weak ass awkward shot in the dark that is thankfully saved by another heist alert.

Flash and Kid Flash, or as I’m going to call them, Klash, zoom down to the location while Gypsy and Cisco vibe into the spot. They was hype to catch this cat, but got got, cuz it’s a hologram. The real Abra Kadabra and his Outfit Disasta are back at S.T.A.R. Labs fuckin up ERRYTHANG. AK, as I’m going to call him, is looking for some piece of nanotechnology at the Lab, but Flash wasn’t haven’t that shit. Roll up into my hood? Destroy my living room? AK is quickly cuffed and speed punch snuffed by Flash then brought down to The Pipeline for questioning.

Gypsy wanted to drag his lifeless body back ASAP, but she agreed to let the squad hit him with that Guantanamo Bay treatment. He winds up giving Team Flash an ultimatum: release me and I’ll cough up that Savitar identity or give me to Gypsy and send me to my death/imprisonment and lose out on the chance to save Iris. These confused ass mufuckas don’t know what to do, so they put this Julian Assange in the face ass magician on ice and take care of some business.
Gypsy bout to lose self-control up in the Giuseppe store when Cisco presses her about this obsession with bringing Kadabra back to Earth-19 for justice. She tells him that this dude ain’t just running around on some Catch Me If You Can type shit. This motherfucker has murdered many and wouldn’t hesitate to murder more. He actually starred in an 63rd century remake titled Murder by the Dozen. It took some time, but Cisco also obtains some very telling information that AK murdered Gypsy’s former partner (sexual or professional isn’t made 100% clear but signs point to both), so Gypsy has a bit more riding on the line with this capture.

Caramel Love Nest: Barry and Iris get all soft spoken and intimate when discussing the options that have been laid out. Barry is, of course, in full Captain-Save-A-Damsel mode and is ready to let AK and his horrifying hairline and Jetsons threads go free so that he can save his hopeful bride. Iris like, “Shheeeeiiiitttt son, I know this caramel love makin got you sprung, whipped, and on that Jungle Fever but we can’t be makin fuck boi decisions like that. Square up. We gon figure out a way, but letting a mass murderer walk free ain’t it.”

S.T.A.R. Labs: Turns out Joe is the one who caves first and lets AK out of his prison, in exchange for info that could save his daughter’s life. Too bad Gypsy out here ruining the backstabbing as they lose AK and the info altogether. But don’t think Abra Kadabra leaves in a quiet disappearing act. Oh no, this evil Houdini remember? Dude tosses a grenade at the squad and the room go boom. Caitlin winds up with a giant pole sticking out her gut. She got shards all up in her abdominal region that need operating. She enlists Julian to perform the surgery (low key to gain his trust, but that’s none of our business doe).

Gypsy flips on Joe for letting AK out and Cisco swoops in to smooth things over. Julian removing all the shrapnel like a Dougie Howser lookin surgeon! He finishes and Caitlin tells him to sew her up so she can pass the fuck out. Mission complete. Out of nowhere, AK appears and starts wrecking house. This Milo Y villain makes our heroes look like a bunch of fools as he nonchalantly steals some orb like power source from the Time Vault.

The team had no clue it was there, but Gypsy has a clue and theory as to what he’s been up to this whole clepto time. He’s trying to build a time machine to get back to his century. She’s right. Lucky for the team, he’s gotta open up a wormhole to do it, so they should be able to make something happen when that large energy surge is picked up. It isn’t easy but Barry convinces Gypsy to work together on this one. Klash and Cypsy back!

Abra Kadabra opens up the wormhole and Team Flash is on it. Klash is flying thru the streets running down the time bandit. Vibe and Gypsy are flanking, throwin energy blasts at this mufuckin time machine spaceship doin F-16 Superbowl flyover moves.

Kid Flash continued his whole episode trend of standing around, doing a bunch of nothing. He chasing, he’s failing, he’s getting blasted into oblivion and Flash is the only one left to chase down the ship. This was the moment of truth. ’95-96 Jordan in the NBA finals. Flash remembered to toss on his iconic Sonic power sneakers because ya boy is rippin the asphalt a new asshole! Oh he even got dem lightning bolts flashing in his eyes too?! You know it was bout to be a wrap. Flash does one of the illest moves this show has cooked up in it’s 3-year-run. He runs so fast he passes the ship, runs up the side of a building right in front of the time portal, propels his scarlet ass off the building into the time ship!! But ya boy ain’t just plow into the ship, he phases through it and comes out the other side with his perp. Was one of the smoothest, unexpected, dope endings I’ve seen.

S.T.A.R. Labs: The team finally has their time-hopping, breach-molesting villain. They let Gypsy take him in for justice, but before that they try to convince Kadabra to cough up that Savitar info. Barry reasons with him, on a human level.

It’s a dub. AK relishes in Barry’s pleading. He tells him they’re longtime enemies so he’s got 0 fucks to give him or Iris.
Cis and Gyp have a complicated goodbye. Iris and Barry do their caramel love thing. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Julian lays the British charm on Caitlin, then praises her gangsta ways. They finally consummate their love and kiss. Joe is out here feeling helpless, having a real ass heart to heart with Iris.

Late Episode Shockers

S.T.A.R. Labs: Cisco is hanging out with Caitlin on her road to recovery. HR returns home and they all share some laughs over their love of lime and strawberry jello. Mad cute right? Na fam. Why haven’t you learned yet? Ain’t NO CUTE out here in these Flash streets! Caitlin starts motherfuckin flatlining on the homies! They pump her full of that oxygen and hit her with the clobberknocker chest shockers damn near half a dozen times! Nothing more could be done. Until… Selfishly, Julian rips off her power suppressing necklace and she comes back to life. But she comes back dropping polar ice caps nova blasts as Killer Frost.

Flash Facts

We’ve seen Stagg Industries in the Flash/Arrowverse before. Those 2 guards at the top of the episode were discussing them being bought out. These are the kinds of details that make The Flash a great show. I hope it’s not useless info and something comes of this buy out.

I love the internet:

Flash April Hiatus: No new eps for several weeks y’all, as “The Once and Future Flash” doesn’t air until Tuesday, April 25.

Killer Frost Alert: I don’t know if we really need any more Killer Frost episodes, but I guess it makes for an interesting end of the season.  Season 3 recaps locked and loaded in the chamber right here.

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