The Green Lantern #11 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison / Artist: Liam Sharp / DC Comics

Grant Morrison ramps up the multiversal hijinks in the latest issue of The Green Lantern. This one covers the story for a couple of different perspectives as Hal and his fellow interdimensional peacekeepers climb down another rung of the ladder into chaos. There’s a LOT of players at work in this arc and Morrison juggles their varying roles and quirks masterfully. He even manages to squeeze in a personal moment or two with Hal and a familiar face.

The book almost plays out like a well-balanced summer blockbuster movie with equal parts heart, comedy and ham-fisted action. There are also quality Multiversity Easter eggs tossed in for good measure, making this an all around fun read for long-time Morrison readers. Liam Sharp’s artwork is just as much a fundamental building block of what makes this book a win as the script is. The level of detail in the environments as well as the faces is remarkable. Each Green Lantern throughout the multiverse almost looks like they could have come from a different artist working on a different book. That’s not time and attention you see in just any book.

Bottom Line: Morrison and Sharp have combined their powers to create a book that brings all of the heady, conceptual window dressing you’d find in an Iain Banks sci-fi novel along with all the witty banter and fun you’d find in an Avengers movie.

8.5 Bat-Lanterns out of 10

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