The Green Lantern #7 Review

The Green Lantern #7 Cover

Writer: Grant Morrison / Artist: Liam Sharp / DC Comics

So far, The Green Lantern has worked so well because Grant Morrison leans right into the “space cop procedural” vibe at full speed without forgetting its science fiction roots. But Issue #7 takes a bit of a detour to get a little wacky when Hal gets trapped in another dimension after averting a major crisis. The thing about Morrison’s world building is that it’s so heavily steeped in obscure mythos from throughout the years. It’s as if he specifically goes to cons just to dig through the LCS clearance bins for inspiration from silver age characters that haven’t been used in decades. It’s easy to forget that these characters have been around for decades before many of us were born and tend to have a rich history that got swept under the rug due to high campiness content.

Morrison’s run is the perfect venue to tap into such nostalgic schlock, and this issue does exactly that while piling on yet another layer to Hal’s relationship with his power ring. I also appreciate the narrative being told from a third person storybook POV. Morrison has such an easily malleable voice through which to tell his story. Liam Sharp wasn’t given a lot to work with location-wise, but he still certainly made it work, art-wise. The desolation and waning light of the Emerald Sands was well conveyed as were some really awesome looking monsters awaiting our hero.

The Green Lantern #7 Inside
Bottom Line: If this issue hadn’t been so enjoyable and we hadn’t learned something new (and/or forgotten) about Hal’s ring, it would have ventured into filler territory, but Morrison and Sharp managed to deliver an entertaining experience that still mattered while briefly diverting from the main narrative.

8.5 disembodies wizards out of 10

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