The “Horsemen of Salvation” Arrive in Uncanny X-Men #3: A Review

Writers: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, & Kelly Thompson //Artist: Yildiray Cinar // Marvel

“Disassembled” Part III

Dinosaurs, Horsemen, and Legion, oh my. Dinosaurs, Horsemen, and Legion, oh my. Dinosaurs, Horsemen, and Legion, oh my . . .

Thus goes the third issue in the weekly Uncanny X-Men relaunch.  Writers Brisson, Rosenberg, and Thompson make strides in streamlining another issue with 20 active X-Men members, an endless horde of Multiple Man duplicates, and the appearance of Charles Xavier’s schizophrenic Omega-level mutant son David Haller aka Legion. With two months to go until the “Age of X-Man” event, most X-fanatics are asking – “Where is this going?” and “Will anyone care once it happens?” If “Disassembled” can accomplish for the X-Men what the “Avengers: No Surrender” did for Earth’s First line of defense, then rest assured that Marvel, the Children of the Atom, and fans will find themselves in a much saner state.

In the previous issue, the X-Men split into two teams to deal with separate environmental anomalies, leaving the X-Mansion under the protection of its junior members. In their absence, Legion breaks through the lines of Anti-mutant protesters to warn the young X-Men that their interference will only do more harm than good. After beating a horde of dinosaurs back into extinction, Jean Grey’s squad heads to Montana to prevent Storm’s team from being overwhelmed by the rabid and seemingly endless horde of Jamie Madrox’s duplicates.  Psylocke and Jean combine their psionic powers to shut down the Multiple Men, only to discover that not a single one of them are actually “Jamie Prime.”  Finally able to break through the psychic interference, they discover the original Madrox held prisoner in a bunker underground. He reveals to them that it was Legion himself who captured him and forced him to keep duplicating himself.

Once the veteran X-Men return to the mansion, they take over the fight from the younger members.  While Legion may be outnumbered, he is never outgunned. Before the X-Men can make any headway, the battle is interrupted by the arrival of “The Horseman of Salvation” – Magneto, Blob, Omega Red, and the Angel.  Together, they represent Peace, Life, Wellness, and Bounty, but their mission is simple – destroy the X-Men.  So many questions and so little time. Given the complexity and convolution of the X-Men mythos, one can only that the story line leaves the mutants in a better place than it found them.

Seven issues remain in the current story arc with writers Brisson, Thompson, and Rosenberg  working as a unit. Together, they have perfect execution in handling the voices, personalities, and dynamics of the extended X-family.  The real balancing act between action, plot, and characterization is a heavy chore for any X-writer, but the trio does their best to keep the story fluid and moving forward.  Artist Yildiray Cinar also turns in a nice effort, creating clear and fluid action sequences without sacrificing the detail and distinctiveness between so many characters. Thus far, the art in each issue in the “Disassembled” arc improves upon its predecessor, and things will only get better as X-Men veteran and superstar Salvador Larocca returns next year. Also, according the 2019 solicitations, it appears that Matthew Rosenberg will take the reins as the sole Uncanny scribe.  Based on his work with the previous Multiple Man, Legion, and Phoenix: Resurrection mini-series, Rosenberg is a die hard X-fan with a respect and love for the characters involved that should bode well for a return to proper mutant mythos. Cross your short hairs, True Believers.

6.5 out of 10 Horsemen of Whatever

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