The Last Siege #6 Review

Writer: Landry Q. Walker / Artist: Justin Greenwood / Image Comics

Ahh, what a joy it is to see our heroes get strapped up and ready to rumble. If you’ve been waiting for things to finally turn around for our two unlikely protagonists and for their enemies to get what’s coming to them, this is The Last Siege issue for you.

Despite the amount of grief that I gave the last issue for the Stranger’s lack of acknowledging the faults of his past, writer Landry Walker makes up for it with some quality monologues and a portrayal of King Ivan that is sure to make any reader hate him. It’s enough that you are willing to forgive and forget the fact that the Stranger is in part responsible for Ivan’s creation.

Ivan’s true nature definitely starts to show this issue. After refusing the Stranger’s ultimatum and throwing his soldiers into battle for him, there really aren’t any redeemable qualities about the man. It’s hard to imagine how someone with such a clear inferiority complex managed to conquer so many kingdoms. It’s almost as if you can smell the weakness and fear a mile away. Perhaps, it’s because of the Stranger’s presence that he comes off this way.

The Stranger makes good on his ultimatum this issue because the gunpowder came out to play. One has to wonder if Walker will ever shed some light on how it came into the previous king’s possession. She of little words, Princess Cathryn, plays no games as she straps on the makeshift eyepatch and gets to work leading her army and raining hellfire. Mixed with the Strangers tactics, they put the pressure on the King’s army.

While the heroes seem to have turned the tide, I’m worried that things are going too well. Ivan may be a huge coward but he has a massive army, and there is only so much the gunpowder can do. It feels like sooner or later, the Stranger and Cathryn’s luck is going to run out. I mean, that’s just the ways these Medieval dramas go, right?

8.5 Crushed Royal Advisors out of 10

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