They’re Not Like Us #12 Review

Writer: Eric Stephenson / Artist: Simon Gane / Image Comics

And the universe expands…

Reading through They’re Not Like Us has been a thrill so far. We’ve had plot twists, multiple rounds of character depth, and some memorable confrontations. Issue #12 of the Image Comics’ series sees the story take a turn that was inevitably going to come.

At first, we mostly focused on a small group of psychic rebels looking for some direction. Then we slowly met individuals here and there that joined the group. While we’ve been enjoying turning over every new pebble we’d come across in our small pond, it’s time to head out into open waters as everyone spreads out to go their separate ways.

With as large of an ensemble cast as we’ve gotten so far, with a few clear standouts, they’re all very different and they’re not cut into cliches of “the ____ one.” Introducing the pot-smoking, day-drinking Wildcat Will as some mysterious figure that watches from a distance is an example of that.

While our main storyline follows Syd/Tabitha, keeping track with the movements of both the Voice and and the two police officers looking into him provides some exciting subplots. Honestly, they may have both stolen the show from our main plot line with surprises in each.

Also, did we just find out the Voice’s name?! Maybe. But the fact that it’s even a possibility makes this man that appeared to be a demigod in the first couple of issues is revealing some deeper, human traits.

8 out of 10

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