They’re Not Like Us #16 Review

Writer: Eric Stephenson/Artist: Simon Gane/Image Comics

My biggest concern with They’re Not Like Us has been the gaps in between releases. We’re on issue #16 of this series and issue #15 dropped all the way in April. The story is engaging and the characters are drawn out and diverse—in every sense of the word. But you tend to forget that every time the story goes on a six-month hiatus.

Now that I’ve made my case, this issue reminds me why I enjoy this series so much. With a group of more than half a dozen primary characters, there’s plenty of story to tell, especially now that they’ve all been separated and have their own problems. The twists and brutal violence that made this series captivating in the first place is present throughout this entire issue as players start to make their first moves in what appears to be a looming war of psychics in San Francisco. If you’ve got a favorite member of the crew, best believe they’ve got something going on here.

The issue picks up with Syd continuing her reluctant padawan journey as she learns from Heasley while looking for Gruff. Despite quickly shaking things up back at the old house, she’s still relatively new to this psychic game and has to learn to control her raw powers.

Meanwhile, the Voice is looking to get his claws deeper into the former followers who abandoned him but finds himself in a hairy predicament. The dialogue is smooth and realistic, per usual, even lines like “And that’s if you survive…” work when delivered by the right character in their most badass moment thus far.

I’ll be honest, a lot has happened since April and I didn’t have the time to re-read 15 issues to remember all of these plot lines. Luckily, there was enough exposition to fill in the blanks! So, as far as I’m concerned, me and Image are square as long as we can get an uninterrupted run of at least six issues. Let’s make it happen.

8.2 out of 10

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