Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman

As far as debuting the new Thor goes, so far so good. In the first issue, Jason Aaron wasted no time getting us used to themes of redemption and patriarchal notions ready to be upset by the passing of the torch. Now, this month, Aaron takes the new Goddess of Thunder to see what she can do.

Issue 2 picks up directly after the last page of the Issue 1 where our mysterious new recipient picks up the hammer and becomes the new Lady Thor. Our heroine wastes no time getting down to business, looking for some skulls to bust. And with Malekith, Frost Giants and Dario Agger, the minotaur robber baron of Roxxon, all after the same evil artifact, there are so many skulls to choose from. The book is mainly a really fun time. Despite still figuring things out, Aaron allows for Thor’s excited attitude about being the new kid on the block almost makes you excited yourself as if you’re holding the hammer. Speaking of which, another interesting aspect is that Mjolnir seems to be more than willing to help it’s new partner out. It speaks through Lady Thor, offering helpful tips on how to speak in “thee’s” and “thou’s”. It’s almost like what one would imagine to be the sword/sorcery version of Siri, comparable to even the artificial intelligence of Green Lantern’s ring.

Thor image

Russell Dauterman’s artwork hits yet another home run this time around. It amazes me that for there to be so much detail and tidbits to look at in any given panel, Dauterman’s pencils are some of the cleanest in the game. His time on the book is one of the first times I’ve been able to say that an artist actually took the time to make Mjolnir a star in the show. The limb smashing ricochets are actually reminiscent of the way he renders Cyclops’ eye beams in his solo title. All in all, I can’t even end this review saying that Thor is officially back. Thor is officially here to stay.

Bottom Line: Jason Aaron brings a fresh feel to the obligatory “hero testing out their newfound abilities” outing. Fans of the previous God of Thunder series should view this almost as required reading. 9 out of 10.


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