writer: Jason Aaron / artist: Russell Dauterman

Anyone who has been keeping up with Thor for the past couple of years won’t be terribly shocked to hear that Jason Aaron’s new series is flying high right now. Who would have thought keeping a winning writer on a winning book for as long as possible would be a good idea? So, Lady Thor (can we call her All New Thor or nah?) has been more than an adequate successor to hold the hammer for the past two issues so far, but is the third time still a charm?

The learning curve just got steep for the Goddess of Thunder. Separated from her hammer and still learning the limitations of her newfound power, Thor is caught in a dangerous game of keep away with the Frost Giants, Malekith and Roxxon’s Minotaur-in-Chief, Dario Agger. The struggle makes for pretty damn good reading. The action beats are so kinetic and fun, you almost want to forego the dialogue altogether (which would be a cardinal sin when reading an Aaron book). Aaron’s is clearly very comfortable with his distinctive style of scripting and humor and it practically sings to you with each turn of the page.

The action sequences (there are MANY) in this book are utterly divine thanks to the unmistakable artwork of Russell Dauterman. He’s becoming one of my favorite artists to draw the hammer. Being Thor’s signature move, you should get that giddy chills when he let Mjolnir fly and that’s exactly what happens here.

Bottom Line: It’s not broken (not even in the same city block as “broken”) and Jason Aaron sees no need to fix it. Another fantastic issue. 8.5 out of 10


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