Writer: Rob Williams / Artists: Guillem March, Tomeu Morey / DC Comics

DC was like, “Let’s throw Circe, R’as, Etrigan, and the Pandora pits in there with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and see what happens! Can’t lose!”

Trinity Annual gives us a tight (albeit predictable) one-shot that justifies the mythos that surrounds Diana, Bruce, and Clark’s alter egos. It’s kind of like those Inside The NBA vignettes that tell the tale of how a ‘Big 3’ ended up on one team, you know? Trinity uses Jason Blood/Etrigan to give us the answer too. Guess what, it’s fate. Fate?! Not Doctor Fate, no, but some ancient, bum ass fresco etched into a wall in Greece somewhere. (How did Diana not know about this? Ain’t she like the only plug they got out there?)


On one hand, we get the joy of seeing Jason Blood free from Etrigan. Or is it the abject horror of seeing Etrigan freed of Jason Blood? Either way your boy Etrigan was out in Greece setting the town on fire (no pun, he literally started flaming citizens, first thing). The best part of the book, easily, is Jason Blood being removed from Etrigan for the first time in like 400 years, about to gratefully and gladly breathe his last breath while gazing onto a gorgeous Greek sunrise when Batman skydives from a plane to grab that mofo by the scruff of his neck and throw him back into a cave to become Etrigan again. Somewhere on the outskirts of Gotham is a retired MI6 agent searching Wayne Manor for a box of fucks and coming up empty. Clearly.

Trinity Annual does shine a specific light on the rise to a new but old success model: the Trinity itself (like Neo/Morpheus/Trinity; Cap/Iron Man/Thor; Sam/Dean/whoever, etc.), and this issue plays on the trope of the trio.


It’s always been difficult to challenge the Trinity, especially when they got the Justice League in their top 5 contacts. This comic reads like The Expendables, you spend most of your time guessing which retired top-tier villain is about to show up and wreck shop. In all honesty, it is a fun read.

6 Immolated Pedestrians out of 10

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