Voltron, Season 7/ Netflix

First off: *all types of spoilers*

The team at Netflix handling Voltron are running on all cylinders! The world building, lore, retcons, and ‘holy $#!*’ moments are all god tier. Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery always come together to give us that character development and action scene work. Season 7 came through with that hard body karate (hood colloquialism, not real Karate, duh.)!

Season 7 of Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender brought with it some of the most diverse storytelling of its kind. Entire episodes were devoted to the development of the characters over the overall plot, which are usually reserved for live-action series like Lost in Space. There’s a whole episode that deals with the team just floating through empty space with their arms locked. It was amazing!

Episode 2 is a straight-up 70s game show that literally made me exit the episode to check that I hadn’t missed anything along the way. It threw me at first, but it gets so interesting to watch. It’s an episode that explores the (very) random things one can encounter in intergalactic travel! The comic beats come right on time, they even surprised me on a few occasions. The delicate balance between Hunk, Pidge, Lance, and Coran is so well managed that the laughs can come from any one or combination of the squad.

The Garrison forces get fleshed out so well in this season, we are offered a full comprehension of how militarism plays a part in this world’s creation. By the end of it all, the parallels between the Garrison and the Galra forces become vaguely evident. We get to see the Paladins rise through the ranks as cadets along with Shiro. The flashbacks to pre-Voltron times ground the coming conflict with Sendak’s forces and finally reveal Shiro’s boo thang, Adam. Keith and Shiro’s connection is laid bare and viewers will learn about a hidden disease plaguing the latter. The silent ailment and the same-sex partnership will without a doubt elevate Shiro to an iconic character status (aka Korrasami). Real talk, Season 7 of Voltron sits right up there with the last two seasons of Legend of Korra and not far from the third season of Avatar.

Big ups to the Easter egg team: the next generation of pilots use all the OG Voltron prep callouts: 

As far as the action, there are more kickass scenes than I know what to do with. Note for 2018: most of the action scenes involved female-lead characters! That’s right, every gender in the universe can both give and receive these hands in the Voltron fandom. My goodness, do they ever! Your boy Shiro and his quasi-foil ass arch-nemesis Sendak going blow for blow on the top of a ship crashing from space! Shit was insane! Even the elder Garrison admiral Sanda popped off with the hand skills and the chopper! Lance was giving it to everybody with the one eye closed sniper skills! Keith and Acxa pushed it to the limit going up against two of Lotor’s former homies, the brolic as hell Zethrid and the agile as hell Ezor. The teleport battle with the last of Hagar’s druids versus Keith and his wolf Cosmo (did they keep that name?)? The newbies flying the hybrid Altean/Earth jets; those were some dope aerial fight scenes. That moment you lost your shit when Shiro upgraded the Atlas and transformed into the god body mech; coming back through atmospheric reentry to smite that Robeast with the whole ass flaming hand of god(dess)?!?!?!?!?

If you are new to this fandom start from the beginning and watch the sharp ascendance that goes from kiddie in season 1 to deadly serious by the middle of season 2 and into the twist at the end of season 3. Do what you gotta, but get to season seven and binge all thirteen episodes. Now!

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