Wonder Twins #3 Review

Wonder Twins #3 Cover
Writer: Mark Russell / Artist: Stephen Byrne / DC Comics

Wonder Twins #3 returns after that deep dive into the psychi of American prison systems and the impression that can be made on an outsider with no concept of the punitive approach. Writer, Mark Russell, doesn’t hold back in the 2nd issue so it makes sense that things are toned down a bit this time around. This week the Wonder Twins find themselves in the cross-hairs, and there’s only one individual who can come to their aide before the twins are ground to a pulp!

I’ve really been enjoying Stephen Byrne’s work, and have been especially fond of his ability to take the words being delivered by Mark Russell and give them visual purpose. One example of this greatness is captured in the panel below. Jayna exhibits a downtrodden and defeated attitude because of the fallout from their mishandling of Drunkula last issue. The imprison over institutionalize mindset is beautifully dragged through the mud.

Wonder Twins #3 Inside

Opposite Jayna is Superman’s unwavering, yet genuine matter-of-fact naivety. Mark Russell is really on another level in the brief moments he uses Superman as his chosen vehicle of understanding and familiarity for the Wonder Twins. He’s the relatable alien they can lean on when trying to make sense of this wild planet of terrestrials that are still trying to figure it all out. It’s all on display when Supes says, “On Earth, the most important power you can have isn’t shape-shifting. It isn’t flight or strength..or invulnerability. It’s seeing everything wrong with this world…and somehow not going crazy.” So powerful and so true. Reminds of the amazing work being put in by Snyder on Batman Who Laughs.

After Superman warns our unsuspecting twins that they’re officially on the villain radar, they slack on being prepared and get captured by the Pee Wee Legion of Doom. Of course, this is all a part of the setup so that Gleek can show how useful a performance monkey can be. Does he wind up saving the day? Wind up being an undercover villain? You’ll have to find out in Wonder Twins #3 when it drops on Wednesday!

7 Lex Luther Loans out of 10

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