Wonder Twins #7 Review

Wonder Twins #7 Cover

Writer: Mark Russell / Artist: Stephen Byrne / DC Comics

Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne are back to spit those woke bars for all comic fans lucky enough to be following this Wonder Twins return. All I know is that this was Zan’s issue. Homie must’ve been bumpin the old Kanye during this 2-month hiatus cuz nobody can tell that man nothin!

Zan soaking up the post Scrambler bust glory was the stuff of High School legend. Not 1 step inside the school and classmates are fawning over his daring mission, and this guy is talmbout “Green Lantern and Supes hit me with the assist, but I DID THAT.” Eating it up like far right repubs at a Trump rally! Don’t get me started on the “I like my eggs scrambled” line he’s claiming. I was on the floor after that opening.

It was a much different case for Jana, who was dealing with the weight of a different kind of failure. Not only did she fail to stop her friend from going full villain, but her pea brain brother turned out to be the one who got all the press for finding the Scrambler and her bestie trying to ruining the lives of billions. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but once again, Mark Russell utilizes Superman as the ideal role model to help her get through it.

Ok, we need to talk about the hockey team in this issue. First off, bravo on the name! The Ice Cubes?!? That’s so point. Then he throws in stereotypical hockey things like a post championship riot in the city that made me think of my Rangers fan homies after a big playoff win. Also, Byrne comes through and blesses with the most proper portrayal of wild hockey cats. The fan in the ice cube costume. Awesome. The belligerent look on the fans faces as they punch each other into Oblivion out of pure joy! Just sheer excellence. The way that they disperse the raucous crowd! Genius.

Issue #7 of Wonder Twins has so many great comedic moments, like all issues in this series, but the theme of purpose and what it truly means to be a hero balances the story well. This book is special because it is in every way shape and form a Wonder Twins world. It doesn’t use them as a focal point for a few pages then usher them into some giant conflict that the Justice League has going on. They get space to breathe and grow before our eyes.

The Wonder Twins may have a cool superpower catch phrase but at the end of the day they’re just aliens trying to do right. There are times when they have no clue what that looks like, and I appreciate Mark Russell for giving us a fresh take on the “alien hero on a planet they now call home” angle. And we get to see this all played out by youngsters who aren’t the strongest people in the world or shining light of all that is good on Earth. They’re young dumb (well, one of them) high school kids still figuring out friendships, popularity, dating and knowing when you’re doing the right thing as a hero. Great return for the Wonder Twins.

8 Superman Speeches out of 10

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