11 Heroes Who Got More Jokes and Roasts Than Everyone Thinks

Laughter serves as a universal language bigger than any barrier. No matter what language you speak, everyone understands laughter. I’ve always been more impressed with capturing humor in writing above all other skills; of course it’s not easy to stroke a compelling story, but it’s even harder to write comedy as you’re reaching for laughter from your audience. When it comes to comic books there are some heroes that we know always bring the funny. Spider-Man, Deadpool, Static, Captain Marvel, and Alana from Saga to name a few.

However, there are a ton of others characters that are lowkey just as hilarious as those heroes known for their jokes. I’m going to highlight some of my fave comic characters with deep pockets in humor that you might not have known could roast with the best of them.


[title type=”h2″]Blue Beetle II (Ted Kord): DC Comics[/title]
Partner in Crime: Booster Gold (Michael Carter)

Y’all better recognize gawd when you see him. Ted Kord, AKA Blue Beetle II, is the fucking dictator of humor over at DC Comics, man. Ted was DC’s Peter Parker of the late 80’s and early 90’s, but without the same mainstream popularity. Those who know about Ted though know he always lightened the mood, no matter how dire the situation. Ted was also your favorite nerd’s favorite nerd.

If you combined Ted with his mans Booster Gold on an adventure (or prank) then you’ve basically got the 48 Hours version of superheroes. They may have been considered second stringers, but once you got to know them and got familiar with their adventures these two would keep you smiling the entire way.


[title type=”h2″]Spectrum (Monica Rambeau): Marvel Comics[/title]
Partners in Crime: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers),
Marvel Divas (Patricia Walker, Felicia Hardy Angelica Jones)

Monica Rambeau is the most blunt woman person in Marvel. Period. She tells it like it is and never how it could be. It’s never done in an over-the-top sassy Black woman caricature either, which makes it even better. Monica’s snark is grade-A natural and relatable. She’s the friend you’re hanging out with that makes the joke you didn’t even think of, and even if you did you’d be too scared to say it. Plus she’s a Janet Jackson fan.

[title type=”h2″]Suzie (Sex Criminals): Image Comics[/title]
Partner in Crime: Jon

Listen, fuck what you heard. Suzy might be the best lead role to ever do it. Period. That quirky humor is straight up patented and she is down for the jukebox hero renditions. Suzie shares the bill with her boyfriend Jon in Sex Criminals. Their chemistry and banter playing off one another is better than any rom-com you’ve ever seen.

However, Suzie is strong as hell on her own. She was the first character we were introduced to in the series and hasn’t lost a step since. Suzie is the friend that blurts out the realest shit without blinking and then looks at you like, “what?” As if you’re in the wrong for not agreeing ’cause she knows you know she’s right. You can’t fake the funk with Suzie.

[title type=”h2″]Hawkeye (Clint Barton): Marvel Comics[/title]
Partners in Crime: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Man, even I didn’t know Clint Barton had jokes like that. Clint is the fuck-up’s favorite fuck-up. He finds himself in these crazy situation that most sane people could easily avoid. The reader has a front row seat to the slow motion train wreck that is Clint Barton’s day to day life.

The best thing about Clint is his sense of humor towards his predicaments. He isn’t always good natured about shit hitting the wall, and he tends to use humor to push people away coldly when things go array. For the most part though if you’re on an adventure with Hawkeye, you’re going to respect his banter game and his nonchalant.

hawkeye and DP

[title type=”h2″]Ant-Man (Scott Lang): Marvel Comics[/title]


Please believe me when I say Scott Lang has jokes for days, man. Scott’s humor is similar to Clint Barton’s, but with less fuckboy tendencies. It’s just that fuck shit keeps happening to him continuously. Reading Scott Lang on an adventure feels like you’re on a ride along with this guy where self-depreciating humor is all that’s keeping his world glued together.

Scott is the biggest underdog on here and the most charming, ’cause when he’s in deep shit, he pops in those one liners and you can’t possibly stay mad at the guy. He’s also in the running for coolest dad without dad jokes in Marvel.


[title type=”h2″]Agent 37 (Richard “Dick” Grayson): DC Comics[/title]


The wittiest to ever snark it? The gawd of bedlam banter? The overlord of roasts on roasts on roasts? Dick Grayson has been making quips since before most of us were even born. He grew up with this shit, and it can be argued that he wrote the book on banter.

This guy shares Batman’s rogues, some of the most psychotic and violent villains in comic book history, and Dick Grayson been roasting these cats for years with no fear in heart. You can’t teach that level of devil-may-care attitude. Grayson’s quick game is even faster than his reflexes, so much so he could give Deadpool and Spider-Man a run for the crown as king of one-liners.

[title type=”h2″]Luke Cage: Marvel Comics[/title]

Partners in Crime: Jessica Jones, Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

At this point in his career, Luke Cage could retire from being a superhero and go straight to making his life a sitcom because when he and Jessica Jones go at it? It’s like a comedy special. They’re arguing over chunky peanut butter vs smooth.

They’ve got great chemistry in their relationship; now through Cage’s longtime literal Partner in Crime Iron Fist into the equation? Son, it’s like seeing your dad hanging out with his college friends. Their history provides a solid atmosphere for the dozens. Cage will wait for the perfect time to drop jokes on Danny’s outfit at any given moment. Luke’s personality blends well with everyone and as funny as we can find him to be, HIS REACTIONS ARE THE BEST.

[title type=”h2″]Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Marvel Comics[/title]
Partners in Crime: Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

Marvel’s most valuable fangirl. Kamala Khan is such a joy because she’s a unique combination of oddball, quirky, awkward, and amazing. Kamala is also very relatable, and her humor makes that possible with each pop culture reference she makes. If Kamala was a shinigami in Bleach her bankai would be Pop Culture.

Kamala will go into fan mode when she’s around her fave heroes and lets the nerd references fly when freaking out. We haven’t seen her go hard in the banter yet, but she can deliver one hell of an Any Given Sunday speech to rally the youth. Kamala is the nerd in all of us stepping into the limelight and flourishing. Plus her fan fiction game though?

[title type=”h2″]Misty Knight: Marvel Comics[/title]
Partners in Crime: Colleen Wing, Luke Cage,
Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Sam Wilson (Captain America)


Yes. Yes. I said hell yes! Misty been on her funny shit, man. Misty’s sarcasm game could be mined for millennia and would never run out of resources. Misty is so hard with the roasts, but can then be sweet and kind too. You never know what angle she’s coming from but you’ll always love the end result.

[title type=”h2″]Miss America (America Chavez): Marvel Comics[/title]
Partner in Crime: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

laws of physics

You know that friend you have that doesn’t try to be funny, but is? Especially when they get frustrated or upset? That’s America Chavez through and through. Chavez will sooner put a fist through your sternum than trade witty banter with you. However, those occasions when she is getting her jokes on, you realize you don’t want it with her in hand-to-hand or the dozens.

[title type=”h2″]Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): Marvel Comics[/title]
Partner in Crime: Clint Barton, Miss America (America Chavez), Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

We can’t talk comedy and not have Kate Bishop on the track. The gawd of comebacks and witty retorts, Bishop always has the right thing to say — not to ease a situation, but to show how full blown fucked it is. Kate will also fight you to the death for the last word. Her banter game is spectacular. The comic is always better with Kate Bishop throwing in some color commentating. She’s also the perfect person for those “WTF” moments as she reacts how the reader would in the situation.

These are the heroes that have been low-key with the funny. Of course, this isn’t the end all be all — there are a lot more heroes that are hilarious that deserve shine as well. They’ll have to wait for another installment though, because Volume 2 is going to be for the villains that can crack jokes as well as safes. Yep, the next one’s for the bad guys, ladies and gentlemen.

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  • Jaime Martin (@murdock22)

    One of my fave Luke Cage ones:
    Iron Fist (about Spiderman): He has a hot wife? I thought he was gay.
    Luke: And you wear little yellow booties.
    Iron Fist: They were a gift.
    Luke: From a man.
    Iron Fist: I’m leaving.

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