Writers: M. Bennett & G. Willow Wilson/ Artists: J. Molina, C. Yeung, W. Wong, and L. Martin/ Cover Artist: J. Molina / Marvel

Issue 2 of A-Force picks up right where the last one left off. America Chavez has been exiled to the Shield for breaking Doom’s law. Her best friend Nico, still grieving over the loss, has found a silent mystery girl, whom she brings home. They quickly form the kind of intense bond for which teen girls, right or wrong, are famous. The voice over here is poignant and full of foreshadowing:


This is a perfect example of Bennett and Wilson’s skillful writing collaboration. It is touching, but not overly done. The two writers flex their verbal abilities in this issue, developing the interpersonal relationships between Baroness She-Hulk and the rest of her A-Force squad. The conflict of leadership between She-Hulk and Medusa is central and will clearly be a plot point throughout the arc. We’re shown once again that the heavy hitters on the force are Captain Marvel and Dazzler, with the Captain getting a perfect finishing line.

I adore Molina’s style here. The way he staggers the panels and has the action burst out of the frames gives a great sense of motion and power to all of the characters. The star-filled mystery girl draws the eye in every frame, with a smile that is striking in its simplicity.

It is clear that the mystery girl has something to do with the random creatures attacking Arcadia and She-Hulk is out to find out what that is. Battleworld reveals its secrets reluctantly. With every panel that you think you learn something, there are actually more questions to be asked. Are the questions answered in the next issue? In some other Secret Wars title? The suspense makes the comic seem shorter than it is — I want to know more and eagerly await the next issue.

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