A New Voltron Anime Coming to Netflix In June

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Netflix and Dreamworks teamed up with the animation studio “Studio Mir” who animated Legend of Korra and season 4 of The Boondocks to bring us Voltron: Legendary Defender. Here’s the nostalgic hype as shit trailer.

Voltron is one of the OGs of “Super Fighting Robot” shows so bringing it into the new generation of anime watchers, and making it fresh won’t be an easy task, but it looks like this show is up for it. The animation looks smooth and can handle action and comedy thanks to the animation studio behind it. Also, did you recognize any voices? Steven Yeun and Jeremy Shada are a couple of headliners while Josh Keaton is someone I’m happy to hear (he voiced Peter Parker in the SEVERELY underrated Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon).

Characters, both new and old are abound in this series and it has the feel of the old Voltron but with more color, expression and even some silliness which will round out the action and the story of this series. All of the episodes will be available on Netflix on June 10th so mark your calendars, folks. This looks like it will be pretty great from this trailer alone and will keep the Voltron name honored and revered for years to come. Voltron returns to Netflix on June 10th.


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  • Evil Ninja (@EvilNinjaX24)

    Spectacular Spider-Man is the best Marvel-based ‘toon – better than Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and even better than X-Men. Yeah, I said it.

    Meanwhile, let’s go Voltron Force!

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