Adventureman #3 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction / Artist: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson / Image

There is something earnest about the storytelling in Adventureman. Every time I turn the page, I get the sense that Fraction and the Dodsons are having so much inventing the worlds that Claire lives in and that there is a joy to be had watching Claire embrace her destiny.

Adventureman #3 is a tale of momentum, of Claire riding the high of discovering that the world as she knew it has so many possibilities than she ever thought. There is a metaphoric spark in her eye, and while to her family worries about the sudden change in demeanor and outlook, Claire is literally running towards the trouble and her enthusiasm is contagious.

The elements of the world have been made clear and this is where we get to jump back and forth between the two realities without missing a beat, and truly my favorite part is that part sides of the stories are fascinating in their own right. The cast of characters, whether they are Claire’s family and friends or the not-exactly fictions villains and heroes of pull magazines, are both so much fun to watch.

It is frantic and energetic and distilled, it’s just really well done. Fraction pours ample passion into each of the characters, and their dialog distinguishes and makes even bit characters that only have a handful of moments memorable and magical. And is matched by the wonderful character design of Terry Dodson, while the different aspects of the world are deftly coded by Rachel Dodson’s superb coloring. I love this book because it’s clear that the creators love the book. It’s weird and quirky and unapologetically so, and it combines all of my favorite elements of comics into one neat little package so of course I’m going to laud it and of course I’m going to ask that you please don’t wait for the first volume. This is joyful. This is worth picking up today.

9.3 “Cuts and Scrapes” out of 10

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