Adventures of the Super Sons #6 Review

Adventures of the Super Sons #6 Cover

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi / Artist: Scott Godlewski / DC Comics

Tomorrow Sometimes Dies

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are the brightest beacons of hope in all of DC Comics at the moment, and their adventures remain the highlight of my pull every month the maxi series continues. As we reach the conclusion to the first half of the maxi-series, I can safely say that Adventures of the Super Sons has been incredibly consistent. Jon and Damian bouncing around through space trying to flee from their own miniature Legion of Doom has let the World’s Soon-To-Be Finest show that they have matured just enough to know that they still have a long way to go.

Time and time again, Tomasi proves to be a master of writing exceedingly contrasting dialog between the Son of the Batman’s comically serious monologues and the Son of Superman’s genuine kindness and light-hearted humor. As the two forage in a strange alien planet, this dynamic becomes even more poignant with Godlewski’s artwork. The art style is a little more exaggerated, a whole lot sillier. Facial expressions are exaggerated just a bit. Damian feels a little more statuesque against the boundlessly energetic Jon. Their eyes are wider and smiles a bit more, and it’s just unapologetically fun and joyful.

AOSS #6 Inside

Yet, the slightly different art style still melds perfectly with the tone of the series. The alien planet feels a little more lively than the previous issues’ spaceship centric areas. The action scenes still have their signature kinetic flair. Godlewski translates Tomasi’s dialog pretty much perfectly on page and it’s a wonderful marriage of creative visions.

If you need something light heartedly and unabashedly joyous, Adventures of the Super Sons #6 is still a perfect way to flesh out your weekly pull. Tomasi’s intergalactic journey is still building momentum with every passing issue and as the stakes grow higher, so does my fondness for the Super Sons.

9.0 “Alien Fruits” out of 10

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