All-New Captain America #3 Review

Writer: Rick Remender / Artist: Stuart Immonen / Publisher: Marvel

Not that he wasn’t before (because he was), but Sam Wilson is now, undeniably, Captain America.

In Issue #3 of All-New Captain America, Wilson completed some rites of passage that are necessary to hold the vibranium/adamantium shield. He faced off against a top tier villain in Sin, the daughter of Red Skull, and made her look like a fool. He witnessed the first death of someone close to him since donning the ol’ red, white and blue *spoiler*, but not really because it’s only issue #3 and faked his first death. *spoiler*

In the first two issues of the series, we got a lot of Wilson’s background info to help us understand him better as a character and choice to take Steve Rogers’ place. This was refreshing for those unfamiliar with who Sam is and served as a good reminder for those who did, but may have forgotten some key things.

Issue #3 continues the trend of explaining Sam’s journey up to this point by giving us more jewels from his past, threatening to invalidate them completely, then strengthening the as a result of the challenge.

This was Sam’s first true test to see if he could bare the weight of being Captain America. *spoiler* The lives of everyone that’s close to him were threatened unless he took a leap of faith and risked ruining the legacy of Captain America forever. Instead, he used his newly attained foresight and wisdom to come out on top. *spoiler*

After a moral dilemma that shows that he’s a unique Captain America completely and not just another Steve Rogers, Sam has to save the entire world. He’s done great things and proven himself in his first at bat. Now let’s see what he can do when everything is on the line.


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