I’ve never been a big fan of zombie games. I mean, I don’t mind them. Some of them are pretty cool. If a game has zombies in it and supports the storyline in a great way, like The Last of Us, then I’m cool with that. They are, however, mainstream now. They even made their way in to romantic comedies like the movie Warm Bodies. If Warm Bodies ever became a game, I would feel so ashamed of mankind, because that’s just pushing it. I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way but I think that zombies are becoming over saturated. They seem to all have the same story, plot and mechanics. A virus breaks out…someone gets infected…that person infects other people…Now theres a Zombie Pandemic and you have to shoot them all in order to defeat them. Last I checked, zombies were already dead so how do you kill something that’s already dead? Am I trippin’? Don’t think so! Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there’s a game that doesn’t involve shooting zombies. Why can’t you throw a cure at them or inject them with something and turn them back to normal? Why shoot them? The movie Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island had the right idea (I loved that movie, don’t judge me). Those zombies were “real”. When you broke off their body parts, they were still moving. They could not be killed unless their souls were put to rest. That’s more realistic to me then shooting some zombies and “killing” them.


The first “zombie” like game I ever played was Resident Evil 5. Before playing it, I received a lot of bad feedback about that game. People saying it was racist, the storyline sucked, blah..blah..blah. In my opinion, I loved that game. The storyline was awesome, I enjoyed the environments, and Chris Redfield is hot! (I always played as him). But anyway, Resident Evil 5’s enemies weren’t exactly zombies, per say. They were called “Majini” which means “evil spirit” in Swahili. These guys were pretty creepy looking. A parasite connects with their human body and is assimilated by their nervous system. They start to lose control of their body and lose their minds. I know they’re not actually zombies but it’s the same concept. These creatures were the worst part of the game. And by worst, I mean they were boring. They did nothing exciting but run after you while yelling stuff and throwing things that you. You could really lose an eye that way. If they weren’t such a big part of the game, I’d rather them not be there.


Now I was a big, BIG fan of Red Dead Redemption. The game was beautifully made, the storyline was amazing, and the mechanics were on point. As soon as I found out that you can ride on a horse, I lost it. (BTW, it doesn’t take much to get me excited, lol). Anyway, I loved this game and played it multiple times. I would love for them to create a sequel. Now, they have this DLC for the game called “Undead Nightmare.” I already knew it was going to be about zombies so I was prepared for this. It’s kind of random but whatever, I’ll roll with it. I start playing the game and for about 20 minutes, I was greatly disappointed. Since when did John Marston become a zombie hunter? The storyline was so weak, and the zombies were so annoying. I guess the only thing I enjoyed about this game were the different mythical horses you could get (my favorite was the unicorn). I also enjoyed that the zombies were a bit more realistic like they are in Scooby-Doo. Shooting a zombie in the head gave it an instant kill. Shooting anywhere else required a few more bullets to eliminate them. They also are not able to climb ladders so they can’t get you if you’re on higher ground. The zombie animals were a great touch too. I’ve never seen that before. That’s about it. The game was cheesy. Then at the end you turn into a zombie yourself. Like…what?


Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 were awesome. I enjoyed the thrill in this game, the different types of zombies, and the fact that you had other people with you. Side note: I love having company when I play a game. I hate playing alone :(. My favorite part was the Witch that would cry continuously until you messed with her. When I first played, I thought she was a regular survivor that needed help. So I walked up to her, and she practically knocked my ass to the ground and killed me. Looks aren’t the only things that are deceiving, the audio is too! The Bloaters were a great touch to the games. When they puked that slime at you, it attracted more zombies to come towards you. The difficulty settings were perfect also, increasing appropriately with each level. The zombies became hungrier for brains and it was getting harder to survive. The scariest part were the Tanks. They scared the hell out of me. I’ve wasted so many bullets on them alone. The zombies overall in this game weren’t realistic but the way they contributed to the game made it alright.


Basically, games have their own unique ways of exhibiting zombies. Some are cheesy, realistic, unrealistic, and some need to be put to rest (no pun intended). Maybe the zombie genre needs a break. If not, then a new breed of zombies need to be created. I’m tired of the same thing in every game. It really grinds my gears! Instead of shooting bullets, lets shoot needles filled with a zombie cure in them. Now THAT, would be cool. No? Ok….


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