Writer: Felipe Smith/ Artist: Damion Scott / Publisher: Marvel

It’s gut check time for Robbie Reyes this issue. As if having Eli Morrow trying to take over his body again, he now has to deal with his identity being figured out by the Blue Krue. This issue deals with Reyes having to slip into rage to defend himself which puts Eli back in the driver’s seat. However this time around Robbie isn’t taking the back seat without a fight. Felipe Smith has done a great job showing how compassionate of a person Robbie is. Robbie is everything Eli isn’t which makes the reader gravitate for toward wanting him to win as well as empathizing with him when he doesn’t.


Scott’s art keeps the unique look off Robbie and the mystic element of Eli / Ghost Rider bright but menacing. We see a clear distinction when the Rider comes out as if to say, “SHIT JUST GOT REALLY TRILL NOW.”. His depictions of the Blue Krue gang makes it seem like we are watching Robbie fight the latest WWE talent and I love it. As always this book is a pleasure to read and look at. Along with this issue we see Robbie have to deal with his course of actions to do right even when things don’t necessarily go that way. We’re learning these more to Robbie than even he knows as well. Smith is setting us up for something in the upcoming arcs and it feels like a more in depth look into the Reyes’ family history.


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