Green Lantern Corps #38 Review

Writer: Van Jensen / Artist: Bernard Chang / Publisher: DC Comics

We’ve come out the God Head story arc and the Lantern Corps are still in one peace. We cut to Lantern Stewart enjoying a sunrise on Mogo then being offered the position of becoming the leader of the corps. Before John gets to look further into his reluctance and whether he will take the position he is thrust into a new adventure on Zarox as hard times have fallen upon the citizens. They are being run by what appears to be a new crime kingpin as well as something lurking in the dark…


The most enjoyable thing about this book is the art by Bernard Chang. His depiction of action and the way he is able to somehow simulate a freeze frame of specific actions through red and white frames remains an important staple in the cool factor of this series. I’m going to be honest, it has been hard to read through these corps arcs thus far. A lot has to do with the major cross overs that were occurring as well as the focus being shined more on the lantern recruits than tying up ends with John Stewart.

Green Lantern Corps is a series you really want to get behind because its putting John Stewart in that lime light but the arcs haven’t been on such a scale where John gets to shine consistently (Future’s End was the best we seen from the kid). With rumors of cancellations happening toward the spring, I’m hoping the rest of the story arcs pick up the pace and get more into John issues that need resolving.


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