All-New Ghost Rider #12 Review

Writer:Felipe Smith / Artist:Felipe Smith / Marvel Comics

We’ve reached the final chapter of the first volume with Robbie Reyes at the helm of this All-New Ghost Rider mantle. Smith has done a great job getting us to care for this character as well as hate his antagonist Eli Morrow. Eli has been pushing Robbie to the edge more and more since his encounter with Johnny Blaze. We’ve seen Robbie try to get on with his life (with the addition of a girlfriend), but Morrow has now set his sights on Robbie’s reason for going on, his kid brother Gabe.


The final issues puts the rift Morrow created between the two, at a head. Robbie is having his hand forced by Morrow as well as people from Morrow’s past trying to get to him through Robbie. Smith has given us a compelling finale and the artwork is spectacular as well. It’s a smooth transition through and through with the highlight being the way we see Morrow influence Gabe towards the middle of the issue. The final page may or may not come to a surprise to some but its clear that we are going to be seeing more of Robbie in the future. Smith leaves some clues that Robbie’s time has not come to an end at all.


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