All-New Hawkeye #3 Review

writer: Jeff Lemire / artist: Ramon Perez / Marvel

What you can say about the All-New Hawkeye series thus far is that there are areas where they are attempting to do some unique things in storytelling and composition. Instead of the splitting the story between the two time frames like the previous installments, written narrative is almost exclusively focused on the present day with Kate and Clinton, yet each page contains a panel from the past. It’s a unique strategy. One figures that it keeps that story present while you read through the other story, or at least attempts to marry the two narratives. Is it successful though? Ehh, sometimes. There are times where it complements the main story and times where it seems to be telling its own. Which is fine, but could be distracting at times.

As for the main story this month, its basically a rescue mission of the weirdly experimented on children they liberated in issue #1 and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s culpability. Not a lot new is done with that particular storyline, but Lemire continues to good work between Kate and Clint in their banter. This book excels most when Kate is in the drivers seat and that definitely takes place this issue.

The art is good this issue, mostly because the consistency is there by not going back and forth between the time frames. The action sequences really stand out as much as the dialogue situations and the flow is probably the best the book has been thus far.

All-New Hawkeye continues to get better each month but still isn’t doing a lot as far as moving the story forward. The consistency with the art and the lack of jumping back and forth helps the flow of the book.


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