Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: Matteo Buffagni / Marvel Comics

It’s the endgame over in Amazing Spider-Man as Mr. Negative plans to get his revenge at Parker’s event. We see the Spider-Mobile unveiled with the candy paint still fresh off the assembly line, and all that was missing was Pusha T rapping “My God” and saying, “See the future like the car show floor models” as the event got underway.

car show

This issue focuses on Peter’s being one up on Mr. Negative’s plan for revenge. Slott shows Parker’s maturity in working with the police, planning, and anticipating Negative’s actions when his plan is foiled. We also see how he improves his technology to save Cloak from the Shade Patch influence, and Slott showcases that as much as Spider-Man’s life can be thrown in disarray and madness, he is adaptable and used to the chaos.

This is due to years of experience, but there are still those variables like when his girlfriend Lian goes attempts to kill Spider-Man. We see Lian’s true character put the test in her fight with Spider-Man, as well as Mr. Negative becoming a more prominent threat to Shanghai in the future. Matteo Buffagni’s art was remarkable throughout this issue.


Bufffgani’s depiction of the fight scene on the side of the skyscraper was quick, but so well done as to feel very cinematic for readers. He also keep Parker on the move and very low key in great creep-like spider movements. I loved Parker’s interaction with Cloak and Dagger as well, especially considering how far back they all go. All around this was a solid issue with some good action and resolve.

8.9 Star Wars References out of 10

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