Writer: Nick Spencer / Art: Roman Rosanas / Marvel

[dropcap1]L[/dropcap1]isten to me when I say this to you… The comic book game right now? Is Scott Lang. The Pathos and Humor game right now? Is Scott Lang. THE LOWERCASE SHRINK GAME?! IS SCOTT. FUCKING. LANG. Ant-Man is the joy that I look forward to monthly. When I get that email from Editor in Chief that the new Scott Lang drops this week? I know the feels will be on fleek so I get the Bath & Body Works candles out and put some Drake on in preparation.

*Clapping hands to the syllables* Nick Spencer starts this issue off on the real talk. For those out there that think Ant-Man would just easily be defeated by being stepped on, he breaks the fucking science down about how even in his small stature Lang still possesses the normal strength and density of his regular sized human body. The homie can alter his density and mass at will. So here comes the science fact — if you fuck around and stomp on Ant-Man you’ll find out the hard way that…


Woooooo!! Spencer bout to make y’all pay homage to the lowercase god Scott Lang! However it is not all fun this issue. Darrien Cross is putting the fucking hurting on Scott Lang. Something fucking vicious, the fight scene with Cross is a great highlight this issue. Again the way in which Rosanas displays the advantages of Scott’s shrinking capabilities even admist a fight is incredible. Where in one scene we see how Scott can be out-muscled, it is often his ingenuity combined with his power (and a lot of luck at times) that gets him back in the fight with an upper hand.

The weird thing this issue was how hard in the Daddy issues Cross’ son goes upon his revival. Like to a highly creepy degree it reminds me of theDaddy’s Boy” play mentioned in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . Things get serious real fast since Lang’s daughter is once again in danger (ironically the same danger that lead to Scott becoming Ant-Man). Spencer shows us the distance that Lang is willing to go in order to save his daughter.

dire situation with lang

This is why Nick Spencer & Roman Rosanas are perfect. Look how clean the detail is on that art!! Come on man, Rosanas is killing the fucking visuals for this book as well as how detailed the surroundings become with the world when Scott is shrunk. Now don’t even get me started on how Spencer has Scott fighting on a clock to save his daughter, sweating bullets BUT STILL HAS TIME FOR HIM TO MAKE A FUCKING NERD REFERENCE?!?!? A FREAKING BATTLETOADS TURBO TUNNEL REFERENCE AT THAT?!?!?!?!?


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This is months in. I been trying to tell y’all that you need to be reading this book. I’m not even spoiling the ending for y’all either because as much fun as this book is, this arc leaves us with how real and dangerous shit can get as a hero with a child. Lang isn’t even having her out in the field with him and yet Cassie’s life is still at risk. We’re seeing Scott Lang mature even more before us as his life and decisions in trying to do the right thing aren’t always what’s best. This is surely a book that you need in your collection as it appeals to all audiences.

Shrink Game Scott Lang!!!


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