Aquaman #50 Review

Aquaman #50 Cover

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / Artists: Robson Rocha, Eduardo Pansica, Daniel Henriques, Julio Ferreira, and Sunny Gho / DC Comics

Start of the new arc! The tail end of the Hidden Waters arc, Issue #49, was a perfect set up for this new arc, which brings Arthur back into the land of the day to day with plenty of familiar characters making an impact.

Amnesty, Part I: The Call

The comic opens with a story, a local myth really, about a guilt-ridden captain who hermits himself up in a lighthouse, only to disappear completely. Paralleling this is Arthur’s own return to Amnesty Bay, along with all of his new demigod friends. Arthur has his own guilt to deal with — he did abandon Mera once he found out she was expecting their child — but in typical hero fashion, he’s busy saving everyone else to avoid saving himself. Of course, he can’t just go by and apologize for being a normal human being terrified by parenthood. He’s waiting for her to call him.

Meanwhile, Mera is having her own troubles. Pressured to choose a husband, because of course, she can’t just marry Arthur, she’s also trying to make life better for her citizens. Oh, and she’s pregnant, which is super-fun, let me tell you. I don’t even want to think too long about underwater morning sickness. Ugh. She could really use the help of her lover, but when he’s ready, he’ll call her.

You see how this works, right? The ordinary-ness of this situation, juxtaposed with the extraordinary powers on display, is quite effective.

There are two other “calls” made in the comic, bringing in new characters, and old foes. The set up for the arc is done. Now just to watch it unfold like a Shakespearean drama.

The artist team has shifted a little since the run began, but the comic remains lovely. Strongly colored, with good shadows and lines. The panels with Wonder Woman are my favorite. She throws some serious attitude here, and I love it.

Start of the arc friends, get on board!

7.5 phone calls out of 10

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