Gideon Falls #15 Review

Gideon Falls #15 Cover

Writer: Jeff Lemire / Artist: Andrea Sorrentino / Image Comics

Gideon Falls #15 marks the return to the main story after the cliffhanger in Gideon Falls #11. The multidimensional backstory continued within issues #12-#14 was some of the finest world-building I’ve seen in recent memories, and the sudden shift back to the present breaks a little of the momentum of the grand story, but this entry is still a fantastic character study and exploration of all the dark elements of Gideon Falls.

Father Fred has found himself displaced and standing next to Norton Sinclair’s companion, Dr. Xu, without any memories. As he wanders around, the only thing that has lingers is the fear of the Black Barn. Meanwhile, Dr. Xu is trying to determine her next steps now that Norton is MIA.

The return to the slow burn found earlier in the series allows all the grand revelations to breathe and gives Lemire and Sorrentino to recreate the grim status quo. Lemire’s dialog is chilling and curt, and the narrative is clearly in full swing and Gideon Falls is getting ready for a reckoning. Sorrentino’s art is much more grounded in the brutal reality of a haunted man dealing with inner demons, but he still gets to flex his unparalleled horror skills at key times to make an effective issue. You combine all of that with Stewart’s unmatched colors and you still have one of the best comics on the shelves.

I’m very interested in seeing how the next issue unfolds as we return to Norton Sinclair’s perspective. The return to the main plot is geared more towards reintegrating us to the “real” Gideon Falls, and while it lacks the same shock and awe as the mini-arc preceding it, Gideon Falls #15 is still a great portend for all the great storytelling to come.

8.9 “Misplaced Men” out of 10

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