And you say (from an aircraft carrying a weapon to wipe out your home town) Star City! Yeah, Oliver is sitting up in economy with Ra’s Al Ghul and Nyssa en route to Star City to drop off the Alpha/Omega virus. Oliver wakes up from his nap to see Ra’s staring at him:

Ra’s: What’chu dreamin ‘booouuuuuuuuuuuuut?
Ollie: Felicity… the show…
Ra’s: Ahhh yes, season two was glorious.

We then see an engine failure occur on the plane due to sabotage. Ra’s immediatley blames Nyssa, and when I say “immediately” I mean in the sense that if sexism/patriarchy was a six shooter Ra’s would’a been MVP of the OK Coral. Oliver then reveals it was his doing the whole time. Ra’s gives this look like Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting” saying, “Naaaaaaaaaaaah, not you man. Not you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.” Ra’s then dips out the plane with the last parachute… because apparently they only brought one on a plane filled with people.

Oliver: Who only brings on chute on a plane tho? Did no one tell me the League of Assassins was doing cut backs?

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Ollie then proceeds to do his best Hal Jordan impression as he guides Nyssa in helping him land the plane.

Flash back to Ollie post-Akio dying when he decided to start torturing the general responsible for releasing the virus. He brought out hammers, filled dude with arrows, and Maseo and Tatsu came back in the room looking around like WTF we just miss?

Tatsu: Oh my god, Oliver.
Maseo: Oh shit yo… Gooood… GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Wait he still alive? Lemme just…peel his muffin cap back real fast.

Maseo: Okay. He’s dead now… Soooo what we doin bout dinner?

Back in Nanda Parbat we find out that Malcolm secretly vaccinated the whole squad so their death could look like a ruse to Ra’s Al Ghul. Team Broken Arrow is more than excited about this.

Damn, when you’d rather take the permanent L than have Malcolm save your life? Merlyn the type of boss that had to take the suggestion box away from his employees cause they just kept suggesting places where he could eat a dick. The Flash shows up to make short work of all 4 assassins left to guard the place and take pictures of himself around the palace.

Felicity of course blurts out his name, letting eveeeeeeeeeerybody know who the fuck he is. Barry lookin’ at her like, “See this is the real reason we couldn’t work. You worse than the Honey Mustard Flash with your spoiler reveals… and he’s from the future. Everything he says is a spoiler and yet you still… know what, I ain’t got time for this.” Everyone gets free but Flash can’t stay cause his own show is KILLING the game right now and whatever been going around on this season of Arrow he ain’t trying to have that shit affect his ratings. Barry bounced like he left the oven on.

Everyone gets back at it in Star City. Oliver arrives with Nyssa and Diggle is the first to welcome him back.

“Been waiting 3 seasons to do this.”

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Yeah it’s like that right now. What happens next is basically everybody going hard in the Young and the Restless. Oliver’s plan was originally to take down the plane himself with the engine sabotage… meaning he wasn’t trying to make it off the plane. Meaning ya boy was going to make this season finale end EARLY with his own death/sacrifice taking out Ra’s and the virus. Meaning that since he faiiiiiiillled… things are a bit awkward because…

Oliver discovers that Ra’s enemy Damien Dark is in Star City. That’s the REAL reason he wanted to wipe that shit off the face of the DC Universe. Ollie tried to find Damien to trade off to Ra’s but Damien just left his stunt double in his place and was long gone. Ra’s calls Ollie (on his burner, I assume) to tell him he got 4 locations where he is going to make the virus pop off. Why does he tell him this? No Fucking Clue. Why it gotta be four locations? I don’t ask questions, man.

Felicity is locating anomalies within the city’s usual electrical grid to try and pinpoint most likely spots, and Ray is busy doing the wrist motion with his nanites in order to cook up a cure to disperse to the Alpha/Omega virus. While out looking for the virus, Oliver is approached by a league member telling him the location where Ra’s is waiting to 8 Mile his ass on more time. Oliver of course shows up to this shit and I am sitting here like, look… you done caught the steel how many times from Ra’s Al Ghul? You need to challenge homeboy to a game of squash or Super Smash Bros cause your hand-to-hand combat skill tree is just not ready to level up yet.

Meanwhile Diggle spots one dude with the virus. He chases him down and gets caught in a pinch, but luckily (depending on how you define luck) Thea was there to go two for two at the buzzer to save Diggle.

Dude got hit with so many bows he did the Harlem Shake, man. Diggle and Thea discover too late that the person wasn’t carrying the virus, they were the virus. Once their blood was exposed to air the virus was sent airborne. Thea was already vaccinated by Malcolm so she stays with Diggle to clear the area, and we then see other members of Team Broken Arrow taking out each carrier without killing them.

Oliver meets Ra’s Al Ghul on the bridge for their show down. He really should have challenged Ra’s to a freestyle battle. That may have been a bit more entertaining. Ra’s gets Ollie down once again but Oliver remembers Felicity’s “become something more” speech, which then not only allows him hit the reversal on Ra’s, but also pull a WWF No Mercy and Finish Ra’s with his own signature move.

That’s like hitting The Rock with The Rock Bottom, Oliver. He ain’t have much time to enjoy it though as the police stationed there basically sniped his ass out over the bridge. At which point he was then rescued by Felicity in The A.T.O.M. armor (don’t ask questions). Ra’s then gives control of The League of Assassins to Malcolm Merlyn, because that was the deal all along apparently, as well as saying fuck Nyssa Al Ghul on top of that. Ollie then proceeds to say the city is left in good hands, Oliver tells Diggle (who is still upset with him) that the city needs Diggle… and that it’s been 3 seasons, it’s time for a costume. Oh, and Ray is finally testing the shrinking technology on his suit.

As far as Oliver and Felicity? They are on a trip to make jam in Vermont. Yeap… This is how the season finale ends, folks. With jam in Vermont… you know how much that shit goes for up north?

Must be nice, Oliver…. Must. Be. Nice.

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