Captain America and The Mighty Avengers #8 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Luke Ross / Marvel Comics

Let’s get right into it. Captain America is telling the Mighty Avengers how it is and asking where they stand on the matter of taking Tony Stark and the Illuminati down. When asked about how much they know about the Illuminati ya mans and dem LUKE FUCKING CAGE keeps it the realest.

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Al Ewing keeps it one hunned this entire issue with the representation of the team discussing the events of the world ending being all around them. What’s incredible about this issue in particular comes down to how Luke Cage, Blue Marvel, and Monica Rambeau react to the news. Cage is uncompromising in what he believes in, which Ewing brings about in the dialogue with Captain America. The world is ending and this man doesn’t bend or compromise his morals for anything. Moncia Rambeau is straight up preparing the ace in the hole for war and we see Blue Marvel finally get FED UP and get in the face of those responsible. We haven’t seen this side of Blue Marvel to this degree, he’s disappointed in those he called friends.

From the start of this book Ewing has kept it so that this incarnation of Avengers is for the people and by the people. Each member on this team is basically The Rock or working toward “The Rock” as a clearance level because they are each champions of the people. I love how their whole perspective comes from wanting to have a say at the table of folks making decisions for everyone (whether they agree or not). There are various sections where Ewing has the volunteers for the Mighty Avengers talking about what they think of the whole situation. It adds to the gravitas of the entire Incursions / “The End is Nigh” situation that the Earth is in. The reactions are so down to earth as well which is perfect.

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Luke Ross on art ain’t a damn thing less than spectacular as usual. He draws everyone to their strengths and makes each character look their best, whether it’s Blue Marvel’s disappointment and anger or Monica being calculated and hiding her true power from those outside the team. Ross puts the detail in every facial feature and body gesture. I enjoy this book most when Ross is on it as well, as his depiction of people of color in the book (volunteers or extras or in the background) vary with great visuals that draw attention to their hair or style of dress.

This book is a much needed one as we are seeing the Mighty Avengers stand up truly for the people more and more on a street level, battling against corporations as well as intergalactic beings. This is an important book to be reading from Marvel (IMO). How this team is going to fit into the Secret Wars scenario is still yet to be seen but I’m truly hoping they are still together in some way shape or form. This book continues to not disappoint.


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  • David Bitterbaum

    I am extremely concerned about this comic surviving “Secret Wars”. It is too good to die.

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