Arrow (Season 3) Episode 5: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

I feel like this was an episode for the hackers. We get Felicity Smoak’s bcak story here and what better way to start than with an impromptu visit from her mom. Felicity mom fine as hell too (There. I said it). Felicity is caught of guard and being pulled in multitude of directions this episode. We also see that there has been a major city wide power outage. This isn’t a regular outage as it was induced by something, or rather someone a bunch of comic book heads will be familiar with. This is the work of Brother Eye. Brother Eye is attacking the banks and about to make everyone account 0. So you know folk bout to be pissed. As the current DA is out Laurel is stepping in and she sends a riot squad to handle the situation… Yeah. Good job Laurel. Roy and Ollie show up to get disperse the crowd with some gas. Felicity then realizes that this Brother Eye is a virus that can’t be stopped and she knows this because she invented it.

Also I need to say that it is great that Arrow throws another obscure mechanic from DC universe into the show. However, making Brother Eye a computer virus aka an online std aka Streamlining Transmitted Disease, is like Agents oF Shield having The Vision show up on their show as an ATM. Just putting that out there.

There are no service fees on me

Flash back to a Young Felicity Smoak. Hair all black everything. Looking straight up hacker with a Ankh on the chain so you know she is into bla– blasting conscious hip-hop. We see felicity, her then boyfriend, and his room-mate hacking into the department of education. They were calling themselves hack-tivists, Felicity’s bf tries to erase the entirety of student loans (he’s the hero we really need) but Felicity literally pulls the plug on him to prevent getting caught. This was all done with the virus Felicity created that they are now trying to stop. We see her man go to jail then tell her he is going to take the blame for all this. (I’m loving this guy).

Peep game on the Starro shirt folks.
Peep game on the Starro shirt folks.

Felicity trying to figure out who else could know about the code. She thinks of her ex’s room-mate. Team Arrow pays dude a visit. My man says, “Aye listen I drive a Prius. Fuck I look like trying to cyber Robin Hood the city?”.

Let's shoot his laptop with arrows upon arrival just in case we came here for nothing.
Let’s shoot his laptop with arrows upon arrival just in case we came here for nothing.

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Ollie questions Felicity how she knows her ex-boyfriend couldn’t have done it and she tells him he hung himself in prison. He tells her to spend some time with her mom. for the entirety of the episode Felicity been ditching the shit out of her moms. Avoiding her like she trying to tell her bout her OTP in Naruto (NaruHina mother fuckaaaaaaaaas). Felicity went off on her culminating in, “I’m sorry I’m not the daughter you wanted”. Felicity checks in on her mom after Ollie suggestion, her mom is still hurt but tells her she was never disappointed in her. She knows she isn’t as smart as her, and that she took so much from her father she just wanted her to have something from her as well.

She just wanna hear the words Durant told his mom Felicity!

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She mentions the waste of the free trip she got which tips of Felicity that someone wanted her mother her. Next thing we see is Felicity and mom getting straight up bag and tagged. They are taking to a lair where to no one surprise it appears that her ex is still alive. He was working for a organization that needed the world to be dead. Once he finished his time he went to see Felicity but noticed she sold out and went corporate. Yada yada yada my man basically glass ceiling shames her for a good minute then forces her to help him reroute an armored car to take its money (he saying its not about the money but we already know).

Luckily Felicity’s mom has that Ray Palmer watch on her, Felicity uses that to send the signal back to Ollie on their location. Roy and Diggle (now with a ski mask) stop the armored car from being robbed, while Ollie goes in to save Felicity. The ex took some precaution as he has motion sensor machine guns (THE LAPTOP MACHINE GUN FROM PERFECT DARK IDC IDC IDC) but that shit on a fucking hour time delay as Ollie had time to shoot a grappling arrow to get out the way.

Fucking lag every time
Fucking lag every time

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Felicity takes her ex out with an elbow, then Smash bros his head in with his own gun, gets the nod from Ollie. After it is all said and done Felicity takes off work to spend time with her mother for reals.

This was a highly Felicity heavy episode, only other dealings were with Ollie having to be comfortable with Thea having Merlyn’s money and Laurel being less hot headed and opening up to Ted Grant. Ted now knows how to teach Laurel since all this time she was swinging for a murderer without a face, now they train for a straight up fight.

Thus wraps up another arrow episode.


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