Astonishing Ant-Man #8 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer / Artist: Brent Schoonover / Marvel Comics

Man, if y’all don’t let Nick Spencer fucking live. Y’all better be out here supporting the paragraph god, man. Lemme explain. We’ve had Spencer giving Scott Lang mad pathos and life in about (technically) two volumes of Ant-Man now. We’ve seen him be humorous with Scott Lang and show how his life is crumbling apart through the choices he makes. This issue leads us closer to the decision that lands Scott back in prison. Scott Lang has assembled a bunch of villains via the hench app for a job. This assembly isn’t going to go the route of the Thunderbolts — think more The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, which was also written by Nick Spencer. That was such an underrated book and now we got Spencer getting the crew back together (in theory) with a whole new gang of villains. This is Superior Foes: Miami edition now.


How you pay a homage to your damn self though? How you pay homage to your own skill, sun?! That’s when you know you nice. Ant-Man takes a break for the most of this issue and we catch up on all the villains that gave him issues like The Voice, Whirlwind, Hijacker, and The Magician. Everyone comes from a different tier of crime but they’re all very D list, J list, Z list criminals. This gives Spencer the freedom to give these guys personality, which he does with ease. These villains that would usually appear in one panel and get their ass whooped are given life and character development. You’d think it be boring without Ant-Man at the helm but it. is. fucking. hilarious. Even without the Shrink Gawd Scott Lang.

midtown 1midtown 2

The Magician is new to the villain scene and all the other villains give him and the reader perspective on being a henchmen. Who you want to hench for, what crime lord is the best person to aim for, they even talk paying taxes no shit you steal, man. Come ooooon, man. Spencer is straight up showing his ass with humor here. We got Brent Schoonover as a guest artist as well. His style complements Rosanas’ extremely well for this series. They’re almost like two different sides of the same coin. Schoonover has the villains looking easy to relate too and as someone you’d hate to like. Schoonover was a great guest to run up in the pages this issue.

It’s been 8 issues of Ant-Man so far. If you haven’t started buying this series, if you haven’t even been following it in the shop out of curiosity, then I failed. I fucking failed this review, I failed Spencer, Rosanas, and Marvel because I swear on everything I download you need this book in your life. Give Ant-Man a chance, people! Do it! Do it now!

9.2 Snort Laughs out of 10

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