Writer: Jason Aaron / Artists: Ed McGuinness and Cory Smith / Marvel Comics

You ever think, “There’s no way 6 or 7 people could handle all the logistics required to manage a super team on top the actual crime fighting”? Apparently so did Jason Aaron. Enter: The Agents of Wakanda. In the 12th issue of Avengers by Aaron, McGuinness, and Smith or fearless leader, Black Panther, lets us tag along to meet the support staff he’s put together. From all over the Marvel universe, characters (some of which I haven’t even thought about for years) fill roles of base security, IT, intelligence gathering, and those yet to be explored. Some unexpected characters are also being tapped on the shoulder as advisors and at least one is being added to the main roster in preparation for the next mission.

Avengers #12 Review

The heroes they pulled for this issue and hopefully many future arcs are so exciting that I don’t want to spoil too much. My reactions ranged from “Who now?” to “YES! I haven’t seen their ass in ages”. I’m unsure of Aaron’s history with all of the characters but a couple come from very impressive runs by him and by other creators. My favorite comes from one of my all-time favorite “Wolverine & the X-Men” (Remember Professor Logan?).

Avengers #12 Review

This book continues to dazzle not only due to the creators’ uncanny storytelling ability but in the directions and focuses they’re willing to go. Instead of going from adventure to Earth-shattering adventure there is a strong connective tissue, first in the flashbacks and references to the Avengers’ ancient incarnations and now in the introduction of the Agents of Wakanda. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited for a character they last saw in Warren Ellis’ amazing Thunderbolts run or the widely acclaimed Immortal Iron Fist from Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction.

I’m seeing a swelling opportunity for the rest of Marvel Comics to pay close attention to what’s going on in these pages. It has the potential to be a strong heart and guiding star for the whole 616.

10 “Vampires in Space” out of 10

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  • Marquelon Sigler

    Yo this issue was so dope! I really didn’t expect it to be so good

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