Avengers #39 Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Mike Deodato

There are a number of good things that Hickman accomplishes with this last Avengers book, but the Reed Richards version of the Art of War strategies as he transcribes them to Valeria is among the best portrayals of the character that Hickman has done. It’s an innovative way of doing the typical comic book voice-over, but giving it more purpose than an internal dialogue. It’s interesting to see the different ways that Reed and Doom interpret Valeria’s message and so far I’m a fan of Reed’s version of “not losing.”

This book also does a great job of incorporating so many characters and motivations into the it without feeling too busy. Steve’s frustration and resentment of the Illuminati is still tangible. We see for the first time how the War Machine Drone program works, basically with Rhodes stretching himself to unhealthy levels. The battle scenes are done extremely well too, having Captain Britain, T’Challa and The Hulk dismantling the drones at a break neck pace.

Deodato comes in for this book and the art is so on point. His action scenes really shine, especially the characterizations and the individual fight scenes, especially between Captain Marvel and The Hulk. He does a really great job with scale and action set pieces.

The issue is pretty chatty, but I think its worth it for the Reed manual he gives to Val, but this issue offers a bit of everything and does them all pretty well.


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