Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Ed McGuinness and Paco Medina / Marvel Comics

Power Rangers. Dragon Ball: Super. My Hero Academia. These were the tales that came to mind when reading Avengers #6 this week. Sometimes you want a heavy, well thought out, subtle book you can read over and over and still find things that you missed. Other times you to see Goku go Kaio-ken in Super Saiyan Blue and team up with All Might for a Kamehameha- United States of Smash Combo.

Giant Squad Up Top!

This book is a solid tribute to awesomeness. In a last ditch effort to save the Earth from the Dark Celestials, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get all the mightier. Iron Man gets a Celestial-sized Megazord. Ghost Rider “rides” the body of a Celestial and demonifies it. Thor and She Hulk just get big as hell. On the ground Black Panther imbues himself, Captain Marvel, and Captain America with random, green science energy to wreak havoc on the horde of space bugs. All the while Doctor Strange engages in an epic magic battle with Loki. But even then, their power falls short. What to do? I’ll tell you! Unite energies and channel them into, who? The new kid! Celestial Ghost Rider for the win. Not quite done yet our team unites with the real Celestials in a fine superhero team action shot to save the day.

Pest Control Down Low

If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed suspending cynicism and disbelief to enjoy the ride this book takes you on. Jason Aaron moves the action along with a fair share of cute quips and an epic sounding narration in the background throughout. The book is carried, though, by Ed McGuinness and Paco Medina’s art. The whole creative team put together this crisp, colorful visual journey worthy of the finale of the first Avengers arc since the Infinity War movie came out. I’m curious whether the future of this book is going to just be action cranked up to eleven the whole time or if it slows down and develops. Either way, I could really use more Captain Marvel joking about putting Iron Man in a coma.

9 “Uni-Minds” out of 10

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