Bananya: A Cat That Lives Inside a Banana? Yes Please

When you think of a banana, you think of a fruit full of potassium that you wish you could use as a boomerang. No? Just me? Okay then. When you think of a cat, you think of a cute but somewhat annoying pet. Now when you think of the word “Bananya,” what do you think of? If your answer was a cat inside of a banana, then congratulations, you just won an all-expense paid trip to Raccoon City.

The word “Bananya” is made up of two combined parts: the word banana and the Japanese “meow” sound “nya.” The combination creates a word that’s fun to say and is extremely cute at the same time. Go on and say it a few times; I’ll wait.

Bananya follows the adventures of the titular character Bananya in his everyday life. During the three minute duration of the episodes, you will be bombarded with cuteness and a surprising amount of character development squeezed into such a small time frame. While this show looks like it’s just an easy “haha so cute” show, it goes the extra mile by actually having plot-lines and even a narrator who gets into whatever Bananya is doing as well. Bananya is voiced by Yuki Kaji who also voices Eren in Attack on Titan, Alibaba in Magi, and Meliodas in the Seven Deadly Sins to name a few. Imagining those characters having Bananya’s voice never gets old.

This show goes the extra mile in terms of what it needed to accomplished. To be honest, it only needed to exist and it would have been fine. A cute ass cat inside of a banana? Yes please. The fact that it has narration, it is actually funny, and has multiple characters with their own distinct personalities is mind-blowing considering the three minute run-time of each episode. Bananya even has a goal himself: becoming a chocolate covered banana.

There’s nothing wrong with this show; it is pure, complete innocence brought to life by a cat inside of a banana and I couldn’t be happier with the results. So go check out Bananya on Crunchyroll (there are three episodes so far) and make sure you check every banana you buy because there could be a cat inside of it.

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