Bastion is an action role playing game produced by an Independent company called “Supergiant Games.”It was originally released in 2011 but has since had multiple ports and upgraded graphics to bring out the natural beauty the game portrays. Now that the formalities are out of the way I’ll do my best to explain why you NEED to play this game.
Bastion isn’t just a game it’s a work of art (as corny as that sounds it’s true), everything from its soundtrack and characters to its replay value all come together to make a perfect picture for us to enjoy.

The story of Bastion begins after a calamity strikes the world and separates it into floating pieces (also included in the level design) which presumably kills off most of the inhabitants and turns them into ash. A somber start I know, anyways, we play as the protagonist simply known as the Kid. Not much is known about the Kid because he’s silent, he never says a word in the entire game which ads to the mystery of the character and his motives. Instead of hearing the kid speak the game uses a narrator who himself is one of the calamity survivors. He instructs the Kid to go find cores to repair the Bastion (a safe haven for times of trouble) in hopes that repairing it will bring some hope and shed some light on the darkness of the world after the calamity.

The Kid with floating pieces of the world behind him


The story is driven by the Kid, the narrator, and the world itself along with its set pieces. You will learn everything you need to know about the world just by playing through the game because the narrator will remember someone who passed away from the calamity or he’s just have something to say. This game makes sure you’re never thinking “wait what happened,” or “why am I doing this.”

Bastion also has some of the most well designed levels that I had ever played through. Remember when I said the calamity separates the world into floating pieces? Yeah well the level actually falls apart sometimes and if you’re not careful you’ll fall right off of it, which is something the narrator will address from time to time with little tidbits like “And so the Kid fell to his death… just kidding.”

The Kid with his trusty shield in a more tropical setting

The rpg elements of the game come in after you forge your first part of the Bastion with one of the cores. You can upgrade and change your weapons to fit your style which makes this game fit your personal needs. You want to use 2 guns? Go ahead. You want to use a hammer and a sword? Go ahead. There are no restrictions with your weapon choices or anything else you want to use in the Bastion. Some enemies might be easier to beat with certain combinations of weapons and sometimes you can just use one weapon if you’re skilled enough to take the challenge.

Bastion is a gaming gem, one of the most fun and engaging games that I’ve ever played and you should definitely download it on whatever system you have (available on all major platforms… except for the Wii and Wii U).  You’ll find yourself feeling for these characters more than you ever thought you could and by the end of the game you’ll want more. Oh and just be warned you’ll want to play it again and as Sailor Moon as my witness won’t be disappointed.

This game gets 9 Dragon balls out of 10 – “JAWESOME” 


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