ManaKnight Cosplay has been seen all over social media. I live on the East Coast so I have actually seen ManaKnight in person at conventions, and let me tell you, his work is absolutely stellar (HIS KINGDOM HEARTS COSPLAYS ARE SO SUPER OMG THOUGH). His craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding, and his mission to do what he loves no matter what is equally impressive and inspiring. I had the amazing opportunity to interview him, so please enjoy!

Age: 32
Favorite Song(s): LiSA “Crossing Field”, Utada Hikaru “Passion”

Black Nerd Problems: What color describes you best and why?

ManaKnight: Red. It’s my favorite color and shows that I am on fire. Black also describes me because I like to stay hidden and kept to myself.

BNP: Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

MK: I’m an Electronics Technician during the weekdays, while I work on cosplay in the evening and weekends. I enjoy gaming and anime (mostly anime). I just love going to cons locally and traveling around to meet people from all over.

BNP: If you were a drink, what kind would you be and why?

MK: Pepsi, it’s so great and keeps me awake.


BNP: What random acts of kindness and beauty have you seen or done in the cosplay community?

MK: Whenever I see a cosplayer friend of mine have something on their cosplay fall apart, I offer to let them use my cosplay fixing supplies (glue, tapes, Velcro, thread, etc.) in order to repair their cosplay as quickly as possible.



BNP: What are some negative interactions you have personally had in the cosplay/convention community and how did you overcome them?

MK: Mostly it’s drama, there is always drama going on between people. Someone being jealous of one another, upset over something they heard, etc. Drama is the everyday life of a cosplayer, it seems. I hear negative things said about me. I just keep cosplaying and never let anything stop me.

BNP: What are some of your favorite cosplays? Do you create your own? What is it like to make them?

MK: My favorites are Sora, Hope, Roxas, Kirito, and Zidane. They are all characters I am really super passionate about more than others. I always try to create my own props, style my own wigs, make armor pieces, and accessories. Every cosplay thing I make becomes more and more stressful, because I keep wanting to do bigger and bigger cosplays with more detail.


BNP: What are you goals and dreams for the future, cosplay or otherwise?
MK: Keep on improving and being able to make everything on a cosplay without much help, along with being really good at makeup (where I can make my face look like whatever I want). My goal is not to become famous. I cosplay because I enjoy it.

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Tommyish Cosplay & Photography

Peter Airborne

Photo Credit: Ken AD Photography


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