Writer: Tom King / Artist: Joëlle Jones/ DC Comics

The third issue of Batman‘s “Superfriends” run steps away from the Batman/Superman dynamic and explores Batman’s relationship with the remaining member of the most recognizable trio in comic books – Wonder Woman.

I have to admit, this issue felt like it fell a bit short of the standard set in the run’s previous two issues. To be fair, issues #37 and #38 were a one-two punch for the ages. But outside of one major moment towards the end of the book, there weren’t any major standout moments that perfectly encapsulated the complicated relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman.

Where this exploration wasn’t as deep as I would’ve liked, the rest of the issue’s contents were of the usual quality King’s produced in this series. Catwoman’s banter with The Gentle Man shows that she stands out next to even the most deadpan of characters.

Batman and Diana proving their combat prowess by being in nonstop combat against giant creatures was a highlight. And taking a quick jab at how Superman leans way too heavily on his powers was good for a laugh. [Further proving that Wonder Woman is likely the most capable of the three, as she has super powers and a depth of combat knowledge.]

What works in favor of this issue is that while its story may not be the strongest – interdimensional travel is far from a new trope in comic books – it will surely be remembered as it could possibly looked on as the beginning of the end of the “Brulina” relationship that’s served as a major fuel source for this series as of late. Then again, no one expected this to last forever.

8.2 Slain Dragons out of 10

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