Batman #74 Review

Batman #74 Cover

Writer: Tom King / Artist: Mikel Janín / DC Comics

Isn’t symbolism great? Batman #74 is full of it too.

This issue picks up with Bruce and Thomas Wayne fighting their way through the desert to get to the Lazarus Pit. Their intentions are to exchange a life for a chance at resurrecting Martha Wayne and restoring the family they both lost all those years ago.

As the conclusion of “The Fall and the Fallen,” the issues continues to send Bruce further into the abyss he’s been spiraling down for the past 24-ish issues. But, given that it’s the conclusion, it appears that we’ve finally reached the turning point and will soon see the rise and return of Bruce Wayne in all of his gloomy glory!

With the series coming to a close sooner than expected, it’s no surprise that King is tying up loose ends sooner than originally anticipated. As a result of this, the decisions made in this issue feel more impactful and intentional. Every step from here on out is a step to the finish line, so they have to count.

Batman #74 Inside

As I’ve said in past reviews, Batman hasn’t been a reliable narrator for a few issues as a result of his mental/emotional state [and likely the after-effects of drugs]. Eventually, not being able to trust what you’re seeing gets exhausting. It looks like readers can start to catch their breath again in this issue as things likely are as they appear. Batman appears to have his head on straight again and he’s likely on his way to go get his revenge for all of the hijinks he’s been put through from the very beginning of the series.

Next issue, we’ll likely be hyperventilating again as the next story arc is called “City of Bane” and will likely be the beginning of our ultimate climax of the series.

8.5 out of 10

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