Batman Eternal #32 Review

Well, Batman Eternal is still going pretty strong. While it’s not quite as awesome as Scott Snyder’s current run in Batman (if you’re not reading Endgame, stop reading this review, bookmark it, go read that book immediately), it’s definitely offering a bird’s eye view of the rest of the bedlam happening in Gotham. But will the ever turning carousel of talent fizzle out soon?

This week, Kyle Higgins takes the wheel in an issue that not only sees the Spoiler and Batman facing off against Hush, but puts the next phase of his grand plan for Gotham’s destruction into the spotlight. The result is nothing short of “Holy Shit”….not quite as much as the Joker’s plan, mind you (go read Endgame…second warning), but still fucked up. I gotta tell you guys: as far as weekly titles, I’ve never seen one that’s as consistently strong in plot structure and scripting as this one. I’m currently reading and reviewing Marvel’s Axis and it is just the bane of my existence every time. Juggling artists isn’t really a big deal compared to opening a book and just having no idea what kind of quality you’re going to get from one week to the next, if any. So Snyder gets major kudos for having a master plan that’s easy to delegate to other writers along the way.

Once again, another fine example of teamwork making the dream work. Meanwhile, on the visual front, while there’s been better on hand than Jason Fabok, he certainly does render a damn fine book. Especially the fights. The Spoiler’s first New 52 team-up played out really well from panel to panel with easy to follow action and a very kinetic feel.

Bottom Line: There have been stronger issues, but this one is a really good showcase of why you should be reading this weekly. 8.5 out of 10


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